please look at my plants. they are droopy

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  1. Please look at my plant. its droopy. im using miracle grow moisture control. and have 3 60watt cfls. im pretty sure im not under watering. also how much bud could i get off this plant? PLEASE DONT BE A DICK IM A BEGINNER

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  2. overwatering. water once every 2-3 days. let it really dry out between waterings.
  3. You Think They Look Healthy?
  4. They are def suffering from overwatering. Its better to let them slightly wilt from being dry and then water instead of overwatering. The overall health of the plant is saying I want more light and dont use anything related to miracle grow, check this out if ya dont believe miracle grow sucks for cannabis. . buy a few more CFL's preferable at least 40-60 watt ones and line that bad girl. Get some good nutes and then when it perks up bud it, cause it looks sativa dominant and it'll triple in size when budding. ya might even wanna prune and cut it back when it gets healthy.
  5. OK, now would you suggest actually letting them dry out and putt them in new soil? and what kinda nutes can I find at Walmart? And I also started the 12/12 already.
  6. that moisture control soil locks in water and its just bad for your plants they look over watered, try some pro-mix or black gold or just something to that type. if your going into flowering look at wal-mart for some nutes high in P you know the N-P-K stuff you want low numbers of Nitrogen (N) and Potassium(K) and a High Number of Phosophrus(P)
  7. If you just started 12-12 I would go back to 24-0,. repot the plant in some scotts soil mixed with 20% perlite from home depot. Unfortunatly I have never seen good nutes in a store that isnt a hydro store, its the one thing I have to get online like most. But look for some flowering nutes not made by miracle grow from a nursury. Wait about a week after transplant(make sure ya get at least 3 gallon pot) and then when its over the stress of it all you can put it back in 12-12 and do it right.Cause if ya dont, and I dont mean to be mean or anything, ya aint going to have much yield at all. Quality will also be iffy and will taste like chemicals.
  8. ive been on 12/12 for 2 weeks. I got buds coming in, should i still go back to 24/0 and change soil?
  9. Yeah I'd still do it. It's gonna slow progress to go back to veg but that soil will kill your results, it'll be worth it to get her into something decent. She's only just started showing sex from the pictures.
  10. thanks, im going to take all your advice. Good article on the CFL's Kamel
  11. ok one more question. The scotts soil. is the scotts turf soil good, or no? stupid question
  12. I would say just continue with this grow get the experience and learn as much as ya can and apply it to your next grow.
  13. I have moved this thread to sick plants and problems, please make sure to post in the proper category.
  14. wow i was so stupid back then.

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