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  1. So this is my second grow. I built a grow box since I don't have a big budget... so Mylar all on the inside 4x2x2 is the size I have a 150w full spectrum light and a fan build into the side with a hole for exhaust at the top. I am using plain miracle grow and I just used a bag seed but it has been growing great! It is going to be 2 weeks old after coming through soil on Monday. I germed it in a paper towel and used a solo cup and have since needed to transfer it to a 3.5g wide bucket. Does it look good for being only 2 weeks old? Any suggestions on what I should do or change? I plan on topping it next weekend since I have limited space. Hopefully I will have some pre-flowers after next weekend,I will keep it updated. Thanks

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  2. You'll need more light. Miracle grow is horrible for nutrients but other than that it looks great.

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  3. I planned on putting a couple cfls around it I have a 125w cfl and a couple other smaller ones atm
  4. You will have a hard time in flowering with N tox. I would put in new soil
  5. If and when you transplant try to put in fox farm. Miracle grow will cause problems later on in growth. One plant will need at least 300 watts.

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    Go to a quality store that sells hydroponic supplies. Get a 5 gallon fabric pot with drip tray, a bag or bundle of promix, a bag of course perlite, a ph test kit, a small bottle of ph down, and a bottle of General Hydroponics Floranova bloom.

    Mix the promix with about 10-15% perlite and remove as much miracle grow soil as will dust off without ripping up the roots when you transplant.

    Test your tap water and figure out how many drops of ph down it takes to get you in the 6.2 range. Fill a 1/2 gallon garden pour spout with water, add your amount of drops of ph down, and 1ml of GH FN bloom. Feed the plant.

    Watch for the plant using up the last of the miracle grow built in time release nutrients. When you notice it getting light in green color increase the amount of FN bloom by .5-1ml. My large veg plants peak out at about 2.5/ml's in 1/2 gallon so 5ml/gallon. Not all of them like it that strong. Some stick with 2ml/1/2 gallon pour spout or 4ml/gallon concentration the whole veg. FN bloom has cal/mag and many other ingredients so you don't really need other supplements. You can bloom with it at 4-6ml's a gallon.

    That's how I feed my veg plants and take care of my base npk for flower. It's pretty darn easy. The best single bottle reasonably priced grow option in the hydroponic nutrient store IMO. It's very concentrated. It doesn't take much. $19 a quart here locally.

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