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Please ineed help fast!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blakegoehring24, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. im high and i need to act sober fast!!! like just smoked and unnancout visit in like 20 min!!! give me tips on how to act sober!
  2. dont act high...lmao
  3. Take a shower, eat and do some pushups. and put eyedrops and a LITTLE bit of axe on
  4. its not that hard to act normal unless its your first time. just put in eye drops and dont randomly start laughing
  5. what the fuck is a unnancout
  6. unexpectedly?
  7. I wonder what happened.....
  8. funny story, which i am going to per cuz i dont have the time now. ill make a new thread and post the link in this one
  9. alright. so my parents come home because i was stayin with them for the weekend. i figured that they would know so i didnt even hide it (no eye drops or anything) so they ask me if i wanted to go with them to a "get together" on a houseboat on this lake. It seemed just like a bunch of people their age but still chill so i figured i didnt have anything else to do and at least its a few free beers so what the heck? ya know? well we get there and music is bumpin, a bunch of hot little cuties in their 20s and im like wtf??? :eek: and then i walk on the boat and im like :p this aint to bad. anyways some guy had this 3 ft. bong and we were all smokin it, well my dad comes (hes drunk) and tells me "son, let me show you how a real man rips this shit" and he milks it up and rips it i was like :smoke: "im proud" haha it was fun :p
  10. dude. fucking dream right there man. damn.
  11. And you need assistance why?

    The day a man learns his old man still smokes is a great day. Hope you had a great time dude, I know I would have.
  12. You lucky bastard. You got pissy over nothing. Next time dont worry shit tends to work your way if your just cool.
  13. yeah i had no idea my dad smoked, i was thinkin if they caught me that theyd kick me out... and i stay at there house a lot.
  14. lol next time ask him if he wants a hit of the REAL SHIT.

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