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    Ok so i have a small room in my attic that will be stealth and i was wondering if any had any ideas or suggestions. any thing is more then welcome, this is my first grow and i want to make sure i do it right , my dimensions are...................... ps i also have pics:hello:................

    Width-64 in....(5'4 ft)
    Length-90 in....(7'6 ft)
    Height - around 10 ft at highest point (slanted roof) and 6ft at the lowest

    Any ideas would be more than appreciated...........:D
  2. Hey there, what direction are those windows facing? I'd suggest covering them up with some blackout blinds, string up a 1000w hps and go sea of green with some super silver haze. You have quite a bit of room so that's what I would do. My attic has a room similar to that which I grow in also. Might I suggest painting all of it a flat white (which is cheaper than mylar), line the floor with plastic (hard wood soaks up water and it leaks through the cracks), and start your sea of green. I'm just finishing up my newest cabinet which I'm going to try some Lowryders in. I'm waiting on a pack of THC Bomb and Mazar X Afghan seeds in the mail right now and OMG I can't wait for them lol. Happy growing man Good luck!

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