please ID this ROOR

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  1. Hi All:

    Picked this up from a dealer- looks like a US ROOR but would like to hear your impressions. What made me post this is the sig- three dots directly above the joint: green-blue-green. I've heard rumors that the sig config references the bistable joint for US ROORs--- but also heard it's a sign of a counterfeit ROOR. Just looking for some clarity/confirmation.

    Purchased from a dealer listed on ROOR's site (will not disclose). Sold as a:

    Little Sista
    7mm wall thickness
    45cm tall
    flame-polished logo
    bistable joint
    ice catcher (3)

    Thoughts on US/DE? Authenticity? Thanks! :wave:

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  2. the spider on that tapestry in the background is from the desrt place in SA where the giant drawings of things are and go untouched. whats wierd is, that particular spider was very rare at the time and could only be found in places far from the picture...

    idk shit about roors man sorry, i just noticed that tapestry back there haha
  3. wait how can they tell what species he spider was supposed to be from that rudimentary drawing?

    PS your roor is real OP

    not sure if US or german tho

  4. because not all spiders have the same shape ya know, like
    leg placement congruent to its body shape. if that makes sense?
    in all honsety , idk what the fuck im talking about , i read all of this on a burzum website hahahahaha
    whats so special about the bistable joints? i never got that...
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    Hi Doodz!

    Yep- Nazca lines are fun to meditate on.

    Thanks for the thoughts re:my ROOR. I would love to confirm whether or not it's a, but seems it's gonna be hard to find out.


    EDIT: apparently bistable means thicker glass used to create the joint

  6. so you meditate with the lines? do you ever try to communicate? or at least
    establish some sort of connection? i wanna know more
    sorry for derailment...
  7. :D
    just meant considering Nazca lines' origin, meaning, etc. is interesting.

    meanwhile if anyone can give any insight re: DE or US & how to determine that: =superkew.
  8. Bistable is just a roor branding for their joints. Just means that it is reinforced.

    Quick google search tells me that it might be an "Icemaster."
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    Actually that spider can't be seen by the naked eye... Has be be under a microscope..

    Meant the sex organ of the spider which they drew on real lines...I think or might be the spider not sure but badass lol
  10. so i was looking at other flame-polished examples- this one looks almost exactly like mine:

    [ame=]Roor Flame Polished 7mm Lil Sista 18" German w/ Carbon Filter & Roor Diffuser - YouTube[/ame]

    note the size of the flame-polished logo (same as mine), then compare to these listed at (just search for "flame polish" at

    ***clearly, the flame-polished logo on mine and the youtuber's pipes are the same and _much larger_ than the flame-polished logos shown on every single example for sale on

    the youtuber says his is, but i think his and mine might be based on the flame-polished logo size issue.

  11. The fake dot sig is the blue dots wrapping around the joint I'm pretty sure not what you have. Seems legit but I have a feeling its a US. Although I have heard that US roor was renamed roor tech. No clue tho not too educated on Roor.
  12. lol burzum

    he's out of jail right? i better go read some wiki.
  13. You bought a bong, second guessed it being real, and won't tell people the store you bought it from?

    If it turned out being fake, you not letting people know where you bought it from wouldn't stop other people from getting ripped off.
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    if it ultimately turned out to be a fake, and that determination was verified to my satisfaction, then I'd probably tell individuals where I got it if asked.


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