Please helpfirst time growing yellow leaves and holes(PICS are included)

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    I'm a first time grower and i don't know whats wrong with my plants,they have yellow leaves at the bottom and 1 or 2 small leaves near top of my plants,the strain i don't know but the guy i bought them from said something skunk,i believe he said crunk skunk if I'm correct but not completely sure.they are approximately 7 to 8 weeks old,i had them in my small greenhouse until about 3 weeks ago i moved them outside in a fenced in area near the greenhouse,they where doing great until 2 days ago and i saw them start to yellow,i don't think I'm over or under watering them,i am using soil my grandma recommended called happy frog i believe(she was a caregiver for over 30 years so i knew it would be fine soil)i live in Michigan by the way,and i started these babies in first week of may but if i can get some help please much is appreciated PS i have 8 more plants i started 2 weeks after these ones so i want to make sure these ones aren't in any danger of the same fate.i will be more than happy to take more photos and i will be checking this post and my email daily!please help me asap 


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  2. u gotta get them in bigger pots
  3. ^^^^ wot he said ^^^ pots r 2 small nd plants r using all the food in that lil pot nd wanting more also your roots need somewhere 2 grow into . a repot whould do them the world of good then see how they look about a week later before trying to add any nutes or wot not. hth .
  4. ok so a repot and no nutes for a week,thank you so much for the info at first i thought it wasn't getting enough nutes,well thank you for the info im going to the store now to get some 5 gallon pots and more soil thanks 
  5. that hole looks like a caterpillar. It's probably just from being outside, normal leaf hole like on a tree.
  6. ya it probably was a caterpillar making the holes i seen some down there but got moved them away from the plants and the transplant was very successful and one thing i did notice was where the yellow leaves where connected to the stem there is new leaves sprouting so should i remove yellow leaves or let them fall off on their own like a some did.well anyways thanks for the advice and the ladies(hopefully they are ladies)are loving their new homes with fresh new soil and way bigger pots thanks guys

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