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Please help!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by ronix1, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Ph keeps going up. I regulate it twice a day. And another question. When can I take my plastic dome off? I don't want to burn up my plants with my light at such young stage
  2. why is there a dome over your plants while you check ph? we need a pic of your build
  3. Hi..
    What grow medium are you using? I had a problem one my first grow with rising PH because I didn't rinse the hydroton well enough.

    Not sure why you have a dome... Mrs. Boo uses a dome on the clone bucket, but once they get roots, they go into beer cups with soil.... no dome ever again.

    I agree with Tihspeed... a picture or better explaination would be helpful.

    Good Luck!
  4. I put gallon ziploc bag over them when they first sprouted. Just to keep moisture in. I finally got my ph to 5.9 , 150watt light.

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  5. Hi..

    Looks like hydroton to me. You really need to rinse the hydroton extremely well. I usually soak mine in water and then rinse, rinse, rinse.

    As far as the bag, I would not have them on the plants. It will block the light and cause high humudity in the bag - a good breeding ground for things you don't want.

    Good Luck!
  6. Thanks for the replys! Really need your guys help. I washed hydrotin really well. And I just changed the water for the 2nd time since I started. and put new nut's in it 5 hours ago.
  7. dont feed nutes yet to small and young they will get nute burn for sure
  8. way they look they got nute burn put fresh water in with no nute and i would do it fast and you might want to give some fresh water to you rockwool to get the nute out of it and there is tomany in one pot when they get bigger some will die of or they wont grow very good one plant per 6 inch net pot in the rule i use
  9. I was gonna take the worst one out of the three. Then later take the best of the two. But take a clone of the 2nd worst plant.. Not sure if male or female. There is no sign of nute burn I don't think. I have yet to put all the nutes in required by bottle by stage of plant. I am just letting them get a taste of the nutes so they can get used to it.
  10. the rule just about everyone on here goes by is when you get you 3rd set of true leaves then you feed till then just water and they should be nice and green no yellowing or droopy leaves that me either nute burn or light burn or the leaves got wet but if they got wet in a few days they will get dark spots to go with the yellow tips just wait on the feeding
  11. Sounds good. Was thinking of taking half of water out of bucket and just add fresh water with no nute's. But should I still regulate ph with ph down solution?
  12. yes once every day check and fix it whats your water temps at want to keep them around 62-66 if they aint that low just freeze some jugs and put in there dont just throw ice in there that make ph go up what nutes you using if you over feed makes your ph go up every day i only have to fix my ph once the day after i feed and that it stays the same and my ppm stay the same only thing that dont stay the same is the water level they drink like a bitch
  13. It's a 2.5x3 foot closet space. About 9 feet tall. Closet get pretty warm. What should the closet temp read?? Light is 3 feet from plants. Changed out half the water and put fresh new water with it. Not putting nutes back in until I have to change the water next week.
  14. Really need help. I need to fix this pRoblem asap
  15. u want it under 80 for best growth cut a hole in the top of the closet and hock a inline for say a 6inch or bigger that way it will suck the cool air in from your room in the closet and sucks the heat out get a fan with 300 cfm or more that will work great to drop temps just need to cut the hole at top of closet the size of fan so it blowing air up that way it will be sucking cool air in closet
  16. stronger fan means the more cool air you sucking in so keep that in mind
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    you should really have you light closer than 3 feet away...at 3 feet you loose like 90% of the lights energy...with only having a 150 watt light your plants are not getting any light energy....increase your circulation and get that light a little closer

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  18. In such a small place I would consider T5's. They run cooler and produce more lumens per watt than any other light.

    Look up T5's and you will see what I am saying. You will have to compare wattage output compared to lumens but you will see what I am saying.

    I just bought my first T5 and think it will just do fine.
  19. Thanks for the info! I would order te t5's but I can't afford it just yet. But another question is about spider mites. In such a small place will I have them?
  20. yea but a plant doesn't know what a lumen is.

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