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  1. So I have a plant that is about 3 or 4 months old and it's been flowering for less than a month and the hairs are a pinkish purple color and I'm wondering If this is bad. The plant looks healthy and keeps growing. I also put a lot of fruit into the soil I'm thinking it might be from that.

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  2. Wow, thats beautiful.

    Id go with it !!!

  3. Thank you. First time I've gotten my plants to bus with out something happening to them. Heres a picture of the whole plant. It's all natural.

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  4. Gotten them to bud:/
  5. Very nice indeed.

    What are u feeding them ???
    They seem a little yellow tho.

    How old and how far into flower ???

  6. nice colouring :smoke:
  7. Just straight water from my hose. I have two other plants budding as well. But I've put different stuff in eat pot. Fruit, egg shells, dead fish ect. They seem to be flourishing and getting bigger everyday so I can't complain
  8. Keep doin what your doin.
    Good job.

    Its amazing how nature just takes over
    and makes outdoor weed thrive.

  9. And im not sure how far in. But id say about a month
  10. And about 4 months all together.
  11. What strain is it?
  12. Just seeds from different dro bags.

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