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  1. Can someone tell me if this is a male or female. If it looks ok this is my first grow it's some bag seed nothing special

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  2. its still veggin switch the lights to 12 on 12 off
  3. So when can we determine sex
  4. still a bit to early to tell, be carefull switching back and forth, it can make an easy keep an eye out for anything to appear that looks like either a single little ball or a cluster of balls to appear, if so its a male, if little white hairs appear its female, best way is take a clone off, and put it into 12/12, it will show sex in a few days, and you dont over stress you only plant and risk losing it, Or having to go through re-veg with it just to finish veg. Good luck, and keep it up, looks healthy.
  5. Thanks for the help. It's good to know tht there are people out there tht can rly help out on the subject.
  6. thats what its all about my friend

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