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  1. hey everyone. first post first just trying things out in the hydro world with the aerogarden and ive run into quite a problem. the whole plant was doing beatifully until a few days ago. now i am getting these bad brown spots and the growth is stunted significantly. the new leaves coming in are just immediatly drooping down and have brown spots everywhere..look at the pics and please help..its about 3 weeks old

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  2. did you give it nutes or anything
  3. welcome to GC.

    Cut the fertilizer strength in half and check the pH.... that is my guess
  4. ok. i just got done redoing the water. ph was normal and is just gonna flush.ive been reading not to give nutes to little ones. so ill keep you guys up to date haha..think im gonna throw two more plants in when i get some seeds germinated..

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