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  1. I started 2 clones last week in the rumple bucket. They where doing good roots started to come threw and get some bulk to them. I started to use the General Organics nuts on them yesterday evening @ about 4pm. Today at 8pm i come home to white nasty looking foam bubbling up threw the top clay pebbles. Open up the lid and the roots are covered in a quarter inch green slime!!!!!!! What is this, did i just kill them? They look ok still, but i can't imagine them suppose to be looking like this. Please HELP!!!!! I will try to get pictures tomorrow.
  2. Can light reach your nute solution? If so Algae is an extreme consumer of any nitrogen you used. We can discuss your options I just need to know that first.

  3. I've had 1 successful grow already. They bucket is taped with the aluminium tape. I've never had a problem with Algae at all before. I suppose its possible that it may of ripped, but if it did it is a TINY rip and i doubt it could get this much algae in a 24 hr period. I used the general organnics new quick kit. Used what it directed which was... BioThrive Grow, CaMg+, Bio Root, and Bio Weed.. Thanks for you help!
  4. Green slime? Most likely algae and yes even a tiny amount of light on your solution will turn even unseen algae into a thick green mess. Is your bucket white? The reason you had such a strong outbreak this time could be attributed to the insane quality of your nutrient solution this time around. Algae eats up nutrients faster than you can wake, bake, and skate. So yes 24 hours is more than enough time. Also on a side note make sure your putting your nutes directly into pure water then balancing pH. Don't mix nutes then put in water

  5. Hmm. That must be it then, there has to be a light leak somewhere. It's been 3 days with out nutes and there is still a little Algae now. Do you think that i need to cover the pebbles up with something also. My bucket is Orange covered in the aluminum tape. I'm going to do a re tape right now! Thank you for your help.:smoke:

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