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  1. im a begginer grower my babies have been growing for about a week in a half and are about three inches tall and starting to grow there second set of leaves but they are really small. am i on good timing? and also one of my plants keep falling of i try to keep it upright with a grow post but its not working to well will it die?

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  2. Get a fan in there as it will help strengthen the stems.

    Support the one that keeps falling over with a clean popsicle stick and loose twist tie or something similar (sticks from outside will bring in tiny pests).

    The plants look good though, and welcome to the forums. :hello:

  3. do you think the size of my plant is good for only 1 and a half weeks? or should it be bigger?
  4. At this stge, there isn't much that you can do to affect or change the hieght of the plant. It pretty much is what it is.

    This could have genetics to be short (just like a human), and can be permanent or temporary. Only way to know is to grow it and always hope for the best. :D

  5. thanks for the post and what should i feed the plant with?? nutrients and stuff i mean
  6. Depends on your budget. They have the cheaper Miracle Grow stuff, and they have very expensive nutrient combinations from other companies.

    You have a new plant and you shouldn't worry about any nutes for at least a week or more (technically you don't need them at all, but your baby would suffer in the long run).

    Go ahead and search around the forums a bit and see how much you want to spend on this little venture.

    if you want the bare minimum, you can always go for a basic miracle grow at first (has higher nitrogen count), but make sure you get liquid fertilizers as they are easier to manage and mix.

    After you switch to flowering stage you'll need less nitrogen and yada yada, but you have a long while to research that stuff. :D

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