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  1. Alright, today i was talkin to this girl ive known for 9 years and just recenly shoin interest tword her.. well anyway i was at the mall txtin her and she was like awh you shoul get me somethin from victorias seceret...Normally i wouldnt ever be a lil bitch and do it? but man this girl.. so i buy her some panties and some lotion and perfume and bring it to her..

    we smoke a couple bowls and she is like i never got the cance to thank you? i was like yeeah and she gave me a hug and sat there for a good 20 sec till she bite my neck tiwce real nicly but didnt contiue...then she layed her head on my shoulder for about 10 min until i had to leave?
    as i was leaving i told her she still had to modle for me and she said anytime with a big smile..

    Should i have tried to kiss her or what because if you look at it she could just be payin back for the panties and acually have any feelin towards me... like ive said ive known her and have been talkin to her so it could be possible she likes me i just havent been givin the whole ok... What Should I DO!
  2. you should model for her, you see the puzzle is simple, shes told you everything to do so that you would tell her to tell you what to do
  3. You blew it by leaving. Why'd you do that???
  4. dude...

    really, dude..
    what the fuck man
    did you seriously go buy ALL of that stuff
    for a girl you REALLY LIKE
    thattim sure she really wants you to, by the way it sounds
    and you

    just left...
    you shall be stricken with blue plague soon

    i promise you that.
  5. This is like getting all the way to metal gear and then turning the game off.
  6. Beware though, there's always some girls that only like a guy because he buys her a shitload of crap. Never understood why some girls need to have a guy always by her stuff.

    But by the way it seems, she does seem interested. Next time just kiss her man.

  7. dude, this is like getting to the end of earth bound, after almost beating every final fantasy and failing, then realizing you still have to beat mother 3, and failing at beating earthbound to have your SNES crash and burn
  8. It's like... a girl biting on your neck and giving you signs that cant possibly be any more obvious that she wants you... and then just walking out the door.
  9. ^^^ Woah man, its just like that hahahahaha. Its almost kinda like, a chick saying hey, i wanna fuckin fuck the shit outta you, then you said na im good, imma go home and jack it

  10. i think that's what he said. nothing looks worse in here eyes homie. just be honest and be like i was really nervous and wasn't sure, i don't know what will save you....
  11. dude she was wanting your wammerhammer and you passed it up :confused:
  12. [​IMG]

    that shit was handed to you on a silver platter bro.

    but i think it may have still been an ok move to get up and go. still stupid, but i dont think you blew it completely. i say the best way to salvage yourself is to go back to the mall and say you are near some place and you thought of her and wanted to get her something but didnt have any idea what she would like.

    like bed bath and beyond or some shit. then shell tell you what she likes and then you say youll bring it by later and would like to see her in that other stuff you got her last time.

    that ought to work wonders for you.
  13. I know i shouldnt have left but i didnt have a choice and its not like we couldve done much her parents were im goin to try n get her to modle for me and kiss her and maybe fuck on the weekend? any advice on how to get the first kiss in without makin it awkward?
  14. It's hard hard to tell when to move in for the kiss. Read the body language dammit.
  15. this guy leaves the best posts :D
  16. I told her i like her yester when she was in my arms but she didnt say nothin im just waitin to see how this go..ima go hang out with her today in a couple of hours acually...
  17. just be comfortable. dont try, itll come to you, she obviously likes you. i mean kissing on the neck and shit is a good sign. you just need ot man up and take it further if you really want it.

    youll be nervous about the whole thing but just do what comes to mind and dont hold back. im willing to bet she will go with it to.

    if she does put on the panties you got her tell her that it makes her ass look really nice and then go for a feel. and then be like yeah i really like that. then dont let go of her ass, in fact grab harder and pull her closer to you then go for the kiss.
  18. Okay... ummm... if you buy a girl panties, lotion, and perfume... and she ASKS you to buy it for her... she obviously wants your dick.
  19. HAHAHA Succes grass city thank for all the help!!

  20. lmfaooo seriously! I need to spread some rep but I will come back to rep you for that. That was great :laughing:

    ahahaha, this!

    I mean come on. She most definitely wants cock, yours.

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