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Please Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chuck lidell, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Okay, so my parents are gone most of this summer and they are leaving me home alone 90% of the time. But in order to make sure i'm "not up to anything bad" they are giving me weekly home drug tests. This is my last summer before college and i don't want to go without bud and i sure as hell dont wanna get hooked on xanax again.

    I know theres all the threads about flushing it out of your system and shit, but if im getting drug tested weekly thats not gonna work. My dad ran a lab a while ago so he watches me pee, but i can sneak an eyedropper in and dilute the piss with something.

    What i need to know is what to put in to my eyedropper to kill the metabolites, and i dont want a bunch of random suggestions or people saying "don't smoke" i just want someone who has passed a home test by adding a common substance into their piss.
  2. shit i guess theres no one out there who will help out?
  3. Shit, I'm sorry man that sucks. I'm not 100% sure on any of these, but you could go buy some drug tests and do an experiment. Try bleach, or eyedrops. Some people have said they do work, some say they don't, these are just things I've seen. Hope you find one that works.
  4. some of my buddies use bleach in an eye dropper
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    heard visine works, but you might want to test it,maybe if you just pass a few he will trust you.
  6. I don't know about what to put in the eye dropper to dilute your pee...but maybe you could "borrow" some of your friend's urine, put it in a little container, stick that in your crotch and then "pee" with that.

    No clue, bud. But if they're out of town for 90% of the summer, how could they be there to drug test you?
  7. Whether you wanna hear it or not...ain't no way you're gonna pass a drug test 'weekly' unless you don't smoke...what did you do to make them not trust you to such an extent? That's a lot of money they're gonna be dishing out testing you weekly...why don't you just quit for a few weeks and when they see you're passing the tests, you may gain their trust back, and they'll stop testing you...
  8. ask one of your non smoking friends to pee for you ?

    thats what i would do

  9. My parents have always been suspicious of me smoking. They're fine with me drinking, they will even pick me up from parties if im too hammered to drive home. But my dad thinks weed will mess up my water polo, but ive been smoking since eighth grade and was on varsity as a freshman so im not too concerned about it fucking up my game. But my dad just wants me to be clean while i play in college and i would rather smoke. so yeah.

  10. did they say it worked? and is it for home or lab tests?
  11. kk i like all this advice but does anyone have a sure answer from experience? im in a really tough position cause a graduation party is tonight and i really want to smoke
  12. I'm sure you're going to smoke no matter what we say...I been smoking 28 years and have seen this stuff fail so many times...nothing you drop in your urine is going to clear it and if your dad has lab experience, you'll be hard pressed to fool don't think he'll be able to smell the bleach? Come on, now...I've said what I'm gonna, but I'm sure you don't think I know what I'm talking about so do what you're gonna do....good luck to ya!

  13. yea, labs from back when he was in med school. Ive tested before while clean all he does is stand by the door to make sure im not just pouring warm water in the cup but if i use an eyedropper ill be fine.

    And yea, i probably will smoke tonight but id rather not put that stress on my parents and myself if i can avoid it
  14. why does it matter? i hate to be "that" chick who says this, but if you're 18 like you should be on here, does it matter? why should your parents be able to test you if you're an adult? no disrespect.
  15. sure, i may be an adult now, but thay can still legally kick me out of the house. And i dont wanna blow my money on an apartment over the summer because then i will be to poor to smoke anyway.
  16. Smoke tonight, Get a Job and Live with one of your buddies for awhile. This summer I'm getting a job in NJ and living at a friends house for a month.
  17. yea, my parents are also paying for what my polo scholarship isnt covering, and i dont have any money saved. So if i can just get clean tests to my dad then he will pay for my college. Thats all i want

  18. Yeah man the education is a lot more important

    Besides if you can't find a way to smoke just think of it as a long t-break.

    And you can stop smoking the herb its all about will power.

    good luck:smoking:
  19. okay so i think im gonna go bleach in an eyedropper method. I'm not sure if it works, but hell ill take that chance. Can someone tell me if it works or doesnt work?
  20. ^^^ what he said

    and if you fail just be like "aaah michael phelps smokes weed too and he can still swim good!" and run around the house screaming that over and over.

    or just do what felt said.

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