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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by finga, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Hi there, i need some help diagnosing my ailing Jack Herers

    the plants a 4 weeks old now, were originally potted in 1 gallon pots containing :
    25% John Innes #1 potting compost for seedlings
    25% Topsoil
    25% perlite
    25% vermiculite

    I repotted them on tuesday this week into 3-4 gallon tubs containing :
    25% Miracle Gro Plant and Gro potting compost
    25% John Innes #2 potting compost
    25% perlite
    25% vermiculite
    2 handfulls of Fish blood and bone meal
    8 tspns of garden lime

    the lower fan leaves developed a few yellow spots and started to lighten and yellow a few days before i repotted them, so i gave them half strength fert of 25-15-15 chemical fert and repotted the next day
    the leaves are still yellowing and the original spots have now turned light brown
    Im not sure as to wether its a N def or a mg def
    I have bought some epsom salts today and will give them a blast of that after i have posted this, how much should i give them of this and how often?
    which do u think it is? maybe a bit of both? im guessing the roots havent spread into the new soil too far yet so dont want to end up overferting as getting them out of the loft to flush will be a real bitch of a job now they are in bigger pots, i know the fish blood and bone wont be working yet as it has to break down but the miracle gro soil has ferts mixed in anyway and i was hoping this would see them thru till the end without seeing any deficiencies, but then i am a noob and this is my first grow, i really want to flower them next week but cant till this is sorted
    any help is much appreciated guys, ive attached pic (hopefully)

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  2. Looks to me like you have a nitrogen deficy...whats the pH at? Could be salts and ferts clogging up root intake..which would throw off the pH...and you'd have to flush the plant.
  3. i find that its a pretty common thing for the lowerest fan leaves to wither away and die.... its just the plants way of getting rid of the really old leaves.... since it now has much better ones....

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