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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by newstarter, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. I have got 2 plants on the go using NFT. They're in 4 inch blocks. The problem is there is no root growth at all, the tops are growing and look fine but as the roots come out the bottom they look as if they are dying. They're brown and are breaking off. I lifted the light and droped the feed the promote better root growth and are giving them root stim stuff.
    Can anyone help as they're not dead YET!
  2. as stupid as it may sound are you sure their completely submersed at all times
    cause if theres like 7 inches of root ant the first half a centameter coming out dries out the rest of the root will die... the only reason I'm understanding from your description is that theyr dry especially if theyr breaking off like u say.. dunno buddy wish i could see the problem
  3. Hi, yes there was about 2 inch of healthy white root coming out the bottom of the cube, then over the last 2 weeks they have died off to brown slime??????
    The blocks were sat on the table with the solution washing past, this is the second time i've done it and somethings different?
    Is this info any good?
    if the root die can i salvage anything as-in cuttings? could i cut off the tops and re-plant them, there about 1 foot tall?
    i know its not that simple but is there a chance?

    Here are some photos
    sorry, a bit blured

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  4. sat in solution

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  5. close up

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  6. last one, not looking too good, you can just make out the brown roots.

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  7. how often are you watering
  8. its on a NFT table, so the water is on 24/7. It flows constantly.
  9. ok. how often ya changing the water ?? complete flush.
  10. a couple of things....l had a cocofibre covering the roots....l also had a infestation of some sort.A brown slim that got everywhere.

    l had to throw out my entire grow system to get rid of it,
  11. change about once a week,
    there were 6 in all 4 went to pots and they're going to die soon aswell, they started life all in a propergator? (spellings bad) Inside were little white stone things and bigger round ball things, sorry don't know the tech term.
    This is the second time i've done it and i havn't done any thing different?
    Befor putting them to NFT i cleaned everthing with fresh water, pump, tray and table.
    What do you thing about getting cutting from them?

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