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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by illcid, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Alright, I have had this g/f for 9 months now, we are in love! We once got engaged, but "I" called it off. So, me and her are really in love! Me and her are also really kinky and have fantastic sex, anyways, your not going to believe what happened to me last night. I have truly truly truly have been faithful to her, I guess you can call myself very attractive, so I have lots of opprotunity to cheat on her, and to kiss another girl or somthing, BUT I NEVER DID! Last night was a nightmare! Me and her are at my house drinking, we get pretty wasted and two of my best friends come over. She is all over them, and kissing them. I was trying to test her, and I let it carry on, SHE, omg im going to cry, She started to suck one of them off right in front of me and I was like, ok ok, dont have sex, dont have sex, and they did, on my bed, right in front of me! My friend was a virgin, and lost his viriginity right there! I was so shocked what was going on, I was really drunk so it took awhile to figure out what was going on, well.........oh god, I cant believe that really happened. I dont deserve this, I waisted my whole senior year of high school for her, and my summer, I was so faithful to her, and she did that. Before I had to take her home, we talked in my bathroom for a minute, she wanted me to hit her as hard as I could. I never hit a girl in my life, I told myself I would never hit a girl, I smacked her, cause she knew if I hit her it was really over. I cried so much cause I hit her and that I hit a girl. She sat on the ground, with a blank stare on her face, she wasnt hurt, she prob. realized what she did.

    I had to drive her home, so when I did we talked, I NEVER CRIED IN FRONT OF HER LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE! I was so heartbroken. She was feeling really sick and started to throw up bad. I took her home and cared for her, cause im a really nice guy and everything. I didnt want to be mean to her. I was holding her while she was throwing up some alcohol poisoning I guess. She was threatening to kill herself if she couldnt marry me anymore. I told her she couldnt afer what she did, if you were me would you take her back? She is a beautiful young girl that made a mistake in her life, and I thought I would just tell everyone this story and how fucked up it is. Im still in shock, I couldnt go to sleep last night, I had images running through my brain! Im not mad at my friend, she was known to be like that all the time, so I wouldnt blame him, I just cant believe it happened!
  2. Thats bad..very bad but is it worth giving her up just because of a drunken night..but it happend in front of you, im sure u feel tramunised as fuck..good luck with whatever you do.
    Just think do u love her realyl deep down, sit down and have a talk with her, work it out, its ur life and ur girl.
  3. if i were you, id find her closest best friend and bone her while video tapeing it, then i would send it to your now ex-girlfriend..... If it happened once it will happen again, go ahead and stop it so you dont get hurt more in the future. nuff said
  4. alright, here is what happened, we did have a nice long sober conversation. About the bahamas thread, that was my brothers story not mine. Anyways, we are still together, it was a really heavy situation, and I think it was best to stay together cause, she was drunk, she feels like shit today, still throwing up and stuff. We had a detailed talk and when she saw me cry that night when I drove her home, she says that she trust's me now, and she really regrets what she did more than anything, well to make a long story short, we are back together happily, I loved your comments, it really helped me, thanks to all. I just wish it never happened, bad night lets just say that.

    I think me and her are really closer than we have ever been before. I used to always break up with her, total 6 times. I was immature and when I would get mad and stubborn, I would just break up with her and shit, and say, "I dont want a g/f right now", all the guys know what im talking about. Your just like, "leave me alone". hehe. Well, I quit that stupid shit and now me and her love eachother again. I bought her a 1/4 of some nice dank and we are going to have a good life. That night was really fucked up, since it was my best friend and all, and since the guy lost his viriginity that night by the way. I cared, but not enough. I love her and who she is, drinking is full of regrets, I honestly think alcohol is very bad stuff, its fun, but it really fucks with your life. Well, you guys are great and I would only post somthing like this at the city!

  5. aww man you let me down soo much.. sometimes people get whipped
  6. Dude ...I am sorry for what happened to you. But I don't think in a million years best bud would do something like that to me. I have been with the same girl for over 5 years....and I promise you this......she will never do something like that to me. And I am the same way too. One thing I hate about people is when they blame alchohol. This is just my opinion. Yes alchohol can alter your mind, but I think a person's consciousness .....the little that is left when intoxicated is always there. I am not saying that your g/f is a slut or anything ...I have seen my g/f drunk as fuck when we were in Spain ...I was too ...but even then we only knew each other for like 15 days ....and yes we were a huge group and she didn't fuck my best buddy.....As someone said its all up to you. I also belive in not raising my hand to a women and for that matter to my g/f who I love more than anything in this world. May be you're doing the right thing....but something tells me that if she can do this right in front of you that when you're not with her, you might sometimes wonder what she's up to since it already happened right in front of you. In your relationship their might be some doubting and then it might lead to you guys getting into some heated arguements. At least I can see myself doing this. However things might really change ...and you guys will be very strong from now .... and I am not a psychic or anything ...I wish you all the best ......good luck
  7. well, im just glad it was in front of me and I know exactly what happened, instead of her telling me later when we wernt together, or if I just walked in on them, ya know?

    I love her a lot, the trust level has gone really down. The cool part is the she is trying to get a 3 some hooked up with her best friend, which is a GIRL! weee! This might be fun. hehe. I dont think we will ever do it, but it was a conversation. If we did that, then it would all equal out.

    Thanks guys for all your inspiring comments and helping me out through this really tough situation. thanks again.
  8. I think women have more power when it comes to sex ....LOL ...Good luck ...
  9. you should at least get some fresh tail outta of the deal....

  10. Theres one part I truely dont understand...
    Why didnt you stop it?!?!?!!!!

    who are you to stop it?
  11. Aight so she cheated on you in front of you and you bought her some bud? Come on man. I know you love her, but maybe you two need to take a break and see what's going on. Sure people do a lot of stupid things on alcohol, but there are still limits even when drunk. I know you don't want to dump her outright, but please take a break from her and see if you really can trust her. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I know a bunch of people that won't touch anyone who's cheated before, because it's hard for people to get it out of their systems. And who broke the engagement when y'all decided to call it off? I mean did she break it, or did she break it but convince you it was mutual, or was it actually your idea? I'm just trying to get an idea of your relationship here. It really kinda blows my mind.
  12. Well, I think she has done a lot to make up for it. One day she bought me a card and a flower meaning frienship and love, while I was taking the CPT test. Which she has never done before. She has just been very kind to me and really sorry. She even told me that she never wants to drink again. Its been nearly a week after the night and she still dosnt want to ever drink again. good for her. I love her and she is a really special person to me. I dont think ill give that up just for a honest slip up, that she made. Everyone makes mistakes. I kept breaking up with her 6 times and making her cry and cry. see? I never going to do that anymore. I love her.
  13. Infatuation and love get confused A LOT. Just make sure that you actually do love her, and not infatuated. If its infatuation, its definitly not worth it. Love, well eh, there is a little understanding not to break up, but, under those circumstances, I dont' think I would of took her back. But who am I to tell you what you should do? Oh well.
  14. And what InferiorWang said, "Cheaters are always cheaters" that is completely true. You better look out for her. She might not get drunk again but does she smoke? If she does, she could be tokin with her friends and do the same again.
  15. damn thats wack.......... dump her.... u will find someone better... she does not diserve your attention and care for wut she did.... drunk or sober its no excuse... i would dump her cus no one should take someone cheatin on them... if i found out my b/f was cheatin on me with my own friend i would leave his ass asap...... good luck with everything!
  16. Is it just me or does *no one* else realize that this all happened right in front of him!??!?!!!?!?! which, illcid, you never did address my question...Im really curious, as when it was happening right in front of you, why you didnt stop it!!!????
  17. I mean,if you didnt stop it, wouldnt you have at least left?
  18. you watched your girlfriend make out with your buddy, pull out his dick and suck him off, and then have sex with him, and its after all this is done that you get mad at her???!!?

    i really hope me and sensi arent the only ones finding something missing in this whole picture???

    all i can say is that your a good friend. my buds would never let me have sex with their hot girlfriend while they watched??

    that much liquor (im assuming there was alot from the circumstances) is never a good thing.

  19. I was really drunk and it never registered in my brain what was really going on cause it was so shocking!

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