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Discussion in 'General' started by southpaw38, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. this is not about pot, but pot has led me to thinking out my current situation. i have a girlfriend, and i like her a lot. i mean, a lot. she has a way of looking into me and kinda of figuring me out, i can't explain accurately. but i just got back to school and i'm starting to like this one girl again. it's just everything about her, what she says and how she acts, i can't help myself. and my girlfriend lives back in my hometown and i dunno. i don't know what to do, i wanna be kinda ethical here.
  2. tell your girlfriend you want to go on a one week break or something, see how she reacts. then, hook up with the other girl.

    don't cheat during your actual relationship though.
  3. just be honest with your girl and take a break, and for the love of fuck dont cheat! If you wan to get wiht the other girl fine, but make usure you are broken up first.

    (sorry it just really hits a nerve wiht me when I hear about ppl cheating)
  4. I'm not sure how well his situation will benefit from a 'break'. I've been put on one before and, after seeing other people take them as well, I've come to the conclusion that breaks in a relationship are almost certainly going to end them.
  5. are you in college and shes away or something of that nature? in my opinion long distance things are way too hard ot make work. if you're over an hour away its tough, over three hours not worth it, how often do you see the gf? the other girl?

  6. that is dumb as hell. unless shes an idiot shes gonna know damn well what thats all about. basicly a piss poor way to kinda sorta justify cheating. you gotta choose one or the other for a gf. if they were both just friends with benifits then thats one thing but dont do your girl like that. how pissed would you be if she pulled that shit on you? kinda shady huh?
  7. i'm in college and she's a little more than 2 hours away, i have a class with the other girl tues and thurs. i don't go home often

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