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Discussion in 'General' started by Baker, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Nothing seriously important here, just high wanting to go retro here. Found my old N64 in my basement, all the wires and games and shit too. I want to play the fucking thing, hit up some super mario 64 but can't hook the fucking thing up right apparently.

    All the cords appear to be plugged in right, everything seems correct. Its plugged in the same way my XBox is, with the audio/video plugs etc but when I start the game the screen just goes black.

    If anybody knows how to get this fucking thing hooked up right please help :(.
  2. ah no fuckin way.

    My buddies n64 was doin the same shit two nights ago. We just shook the hell out of it, blew on the game a few times, then smacked the 64 a few more times and eventually it started working

    haha sorry i have no REAL advice. Maybe a wire is loose inside of it or something?
  3. Hah, I would do the same.
  4. Oh my god, I just did that shit. turned the thing on and figured it still wouldn't work. After about 2 seconds it started playing. No fucking way :D:D:D:D:D:D
  5. Tokin to the rescueee!!
  6. haha fuckin ballin man, glad it started working for you :D :smoke:

    I went and got my 64 (nephews stole it) and been playing Conker's Bad Fur Day for the past 24 hours. That game never gets old :yay:
  7. Haha I'm totally going to hit up like a gamestop or something and see if they have one of those OLD/USED game bins of games for like $3 a piece. I cant find some games i really miss like Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Banjo Kazooie etc... haha this is so good
  8. yeah man. I have tons of old games i've bought from flea markets/garage/yard sales throughout the years

    IMHO N64 was/is the best gaming system EVER :cool:
  9. Nintendo normally makes a sturdy console. I remember from my Nintendo Power days reading a story about someone who ran over their NES in a car, they took the thing apart, straightened out a board, and the thing worked perfectly. Glad to here it is working, good advice Tokin, lol, the best suggestion to get a Nintendo to work is to normally beat it. ;)
  10. Oh man, I just found my old N64 in the basement a week ago. I was thinking about playing it. Now when I do and it doesnt work, I'll know what to do.
  11. Dude, you ALWAYS have to blow on the carts.
  12. Conkers Bad Fur Day is seriously the best game of all time.
  13. Hell yeah. Ocarina of Time is possibly my favorite game ever. By far best game on N64. Majora's Mask always pissed me off because of the time changing shit but ya. I'm thinking I want a Wii just because of Twilight Princess. I hear it's amazing. :D
  14. N64s are so cool. I sold mine years ago and lately I have been getting urges to play goldeneye 007. I picked up a N64 for free a month or two ago and have already finished goldeneye 100% with all cheats lol. No game will ever beat goldeneye.... Remember wasting hundreds of hours of multiplayer when i was a kid.

  15. Feel you on that shit bro. It's funny how the times change...

    As a little kid, We'd rip out the N64's, have like 5 TV's, and think we were badass with our Goldeneye tourny's. We were up all night, but it's no suprise. Bunch of kids+junk food and candy+ video games... fun times.

    Then we grew up a bit. It was Halo 2 tournaments. System link a few TV's in a couple different rooms... Lots of fun. Blazing a few blunts and video games...

  16. Neva eva.
  17. Damn you guys are bringing back memories, my lil bro gave his N64 to our 5 year old cousin, won't be getting that back anytime soon.
  18. I used to go to my mom work when I was younger and they had a kickass TV room where Id play N64 Super MARIO, when i was supposed ot be doing my HW, ahhh the good old days of goiing to the company kitchen and having like 6 cups of chocoalte mocha.....
  19. we were smokin at my friends the other day and he went and found his n64 an we played some goldeneye, best game EVER.

    when i was a little kid, my mom was really against video games and violence an shit, so i would sneak over to my friends house down the street and play goldeneye all day with his brother and neighbor

    i must of spent around 5000 hours or more on that game

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