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  1. Hey yall! Im new to growing and this is my first plant. Picked her up about 2 weeks ago. It was a clone from a local shop here in arizona. Plant seemed to be healthy until recently. Its now drooping a bit, as well as developing a yellow color on the edges of its leaves.

    what should i do to correct this?

    Strain- platinum kush breath
    Media- fox farms ocean soil
    Water- distilled
    Grow light is 18in above the top of the plant on 40%
    ACinfinity 3 plant kit.

    I have done some research and believe it is most likely due to a calcium and magnesium deficiency. I went to buy Calmag just in case. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Looks wilted from under watering? Maybe over watering? How are you deciding when and how much to water?
  3. I am putting my finger into the soil about 1/2 to an inch deep to see if it is dry or not. Last water was on the 3rd and soil is still damp that deep.
  4. Read up on watering by weight. You may be over watered.
  5. Thank you! I will go look into that. The yellowing you dont think would be some sort of deficiency?
  6. Don't use distilled water.
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  7. What would you recommend instead?
  8. FFOF potting soil is soil less ,, The people who sale bagged potting soil made the name up but almost all bagged potting soil has little to zero soil. Should be mixed with 40% top soil/perlite, I add in sand too .
    Problem with all potting soil is it soaks up water ,which can turn stagnate. roots need oxygen too., And doesnt have all the required minerals in it .
    Top soil is about 5% organic matter and 50% silica Which is really important .
  9. Thank you for the information! I will go get that and add it to my soil.
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  10. Post #1 you said your grow medium was FFOF , did you mix anything else in with it ?
  11. You might post why you say this,, I know but Sure the OP doesn't,
  12. I did not… it said ready out of the bag so i guess i took that too literally thinking of getting perlite and adding some to the top. The plant was growing really well for a week and about 2ish days ago it begun showing these symptoms.
  13. Why not distilled
  14. Why
  15. Because it's stripped of minerals so it forces u to have to use supplemental cal mag? For sure something to be cognizant of moving forward
  16. I use tap water.
  17. I'd like for people to actually have to do some of their own research rather than just be handed answers.
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  18. For sure man I respect that for real. When u did not reply I looked it up then fucked around and learned some new shit. Thanks homie ✌
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  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Lift pot before watering. It can become feather light before the plant actually wilts from lack of water.
    It is the easiest way for new grower to tell if it needs a drink.

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