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  1. the new growth on my little gelato is way smaller than the other. On day 14 seedling. The bigger one had some yellowing just on the tips of first true leaves then I fed and since good growth and no more yellowing. The small one has yellowing on the new growth as well. Been feeding gh micro grow bloom and calimagic with promix hp can someone tell me what’s going on?

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  2. since you are using gh micro grow bloom and calimagic are you ph'ing the nutes before feeding ? what water are you using ?
  3. Seedlings need no nutes. It’s the fastest way to kill them.

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  4. Yes using ph down and testing ph after mixing nutes also feeding unsulphored molasses for mycorrhizae. I was told since promix hp has no nutes u need to feed told by ppl on here?
  5. just saw you had a different thread from saturday that shows your bottled nutes. I see PH up and PH down so im assuming you are using them. promix hp is a organic mix ive seen tons of debating on if you should ph your nutes when using promix hp . Most of the long time growers say no to using ph up or down as the promix is amended . Might read some of those threads to decide if the ph up down is a issue for your grow
  6. Using spring water and was wondering if I can use Brita filtered water if I also leave it out a day and make sure ph is tested after nutes added. I have fed 4 times the big one I’m thinking need transplanted I know I should have out it in a Dixie cup instead of a tiny 4 inch pot. I have a 1 galon wondering when to transplant?
  7. The bigger one needs water everyday
  8. I see your point @ pat. Cus the ph adjuster in the promix. I worked on a big farm for a couple years ago we had a stream on the land and we used ph down while using promix hp but I’m no expert and maybe it was just cus the stream water I don’t no
  9. "feeding unsulphored molasses for mycorrhizae" imo id stop using that . Chemical bottled nutes you have are killing off most of the mycorrhizae , your using a organic approach to a non organic nute feed
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  10. Ok bud thanks for the tip
  11. My boss on the farm didn’t use it either
  12. Any other suggestions and should I transplant yet?
  13. no need to transplant yet , but if it was me id probably give them a good flush and try and wash out the unsulphored molasses
  14. Ok thanks. Do you think it’s getting enough light?
  15. they don't look like they are overly stretching so light seems fine at this point

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