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  1. I'm about 7 weeks into flower and these leaves just started to go. Should I be worried so close to the finish line? IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0565.JPG
  2. Nope. The plant consumes the leaves for bud formation. Cal/Mag shot if you are paranoid.
  3. true !! when at the end and your properly flushed the larger older fan leaves will begin to yellow because the plant is stealing the last bit of sugars and shooting them towards the top....the top remains green because of guess by the way they look is if your at the target date ..time to go buy new scissors and dig in!! good luck and keep us posted...

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  4. It's fine and Looks amazing. If you flushed, the plant is using up the last bit nutrients in its leaves (essentially cannibalizing itself). Completely normal and nothing to worry about
  5. Awesome thanks for the feedback!
    Just got a little paranoid, not sure why that would be lol! Thanks again!
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