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  1. This is my first grow and my plants are just under 2 weeks old, i have 4 lemon kush and 1 og kush, the og kush seems to be fine but the other four have started turning yellow on the lower leaves and it loos like there spreading and one plant is worse than the rest! It's started going a dark brown and is turning crispy.. please help a bro out!!

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  2. Anyone? Please???
  3. When you post a question on the forum about your plant, you always need to provide us with as much information about how you're growing or dealing with that plant as possible. A simple picture and a, "Man I got problems...please help," statement don't tell us to much. How do you grow it? Watering schedule, pH of your water, what kind of soil are you growing in, light source, etc. The more we know about how you grow, the better idea we get about what might be wrong with your plant. Your soil looks pretty worthless just right off the bat. My guess is that whatever it is you're using there (that is terribly short on perlite), was loaded with slow release fertilizers and it is burning your plant a little bit. This isn't a big deal and the plant will eventually get over it. But those leaves are dying. They will eventually get crispy and fall off. I would repot it into another container, only slightly bigger than the one you've got it in now, with some good soil that is heavily amended (about 40%) with perlite. MJ plants don't like to have their roots sitting in moist conditions constantly and having at least 40% perlite in your soil mix provides much better drainage for the plant so this doesn't happen. It's always better to use a formulated grow soil since it has already what the plants need in it. If you can't get that, then a good organic mix from a recipe is the next best thing. But if you have to use an off the shelf soil, know that regardless of what it says on the bag (especially if it's a Miracle Grow product), it's loaded with slow release fertilizers and can and will burn a tender seedling.

    Just how much preparation did you do for the "grow process" before you started your operation? People spend months figuring out what they're going to grow "with" but usually very little time trying to learn the "how to" part of growing these plants inside. It's completely different to growing veggies in the garden and the sooner you learn the basics, the better plants you can grow. Read in the new grower threads. Lots of posts there for the new inexperienced grower that contain the basics that all growers have to learn to be able to do this without pulling their hair out. Go read. Some of this stuff will make a little more sense. TWW

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