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  1. So I did up a batch of qwiso and it went well, other than a bunch of the alcohol not evaping leaving little white bubbles in the hash/oil trapped in the resin. I just let it evap under the fan. Worried there's still alcohol still in the mixture because if I move it around with a tooth pick it starts to smell like ISO. Can I put it In the oven to make sure the ISO is gone or is this a bad idea. Really need input thanks guys

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  2. :confused_2: wtf did you do???
  3. Nothing different than my last batch other than a longer rinse and 1 coffe filter instead of two. There was literally a 1/8 an inch of this nasty milk like substance that wasn't evaporating, so I just poured it out, but there's little white bubbles in the wax/oil now. I'm thinking its water and ISO/ residue but it's trapped in the concentrate. Can I bake it off or is gonna fuck up my wax

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  4. Dude its water from the iso. Shouldnt have dumped it out. Its a matrix of water and oil it will evap after time.
  5. I didn't pour anything good out it was pure white the oil already settled

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