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  1. hey guys ive been thinking alot lately... would i be fine ordering seeds to my house where im fixin to grow? im gonna order from nirvana seeds i hear they have great stealth shipping? i dont have nowhere else tl send it and im not in a legal state so... have any of you guys ordered seeds in a illegal state and not had a problem? i had three packages not come in awhile back that had seeds in itbut those were from some people i knew so im kinda worried about it thanx in advance guys!Sent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. of course nobody fucking helps me out!Sent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Order them. Hell, your not afraid to grow illegally in an illegal state so why be afraid to order?? Buy them from whatever bank, recieve them in the mail, and then proceed to construct your grow area. That way, if your so paranoid about just your seeds being confiscated, at least you wont have to be paranoid about your grow equiptment being least till you start your grow and paranoi sets in about your grow being raided :p:p:p
  4. i've ordered to a non-legal state. no issues.
    if you're really paranoid about it get a PO box, and use a pseudonym when ordering, don't pay with traceable funds, & change one letter in last and first names on incoming package.
    but that's really overkill IMO, cause here is how it goes...
    customs nabs orders, sends folks like us letters....we bitch & moan, then we order more. or just get em reshipped if you paid for some sort of insurance.
    next shipment get through. and we only see cops when we speed through a trap or do something else stupid.
    only been four hours, there cowboy. relax, things move a little slower here in the City.
    I blame the stoners.... ;) :hippie: :bolt:
    peace and welcome to GrassCity ( slight "fun poke" aside)
  5. thanx guys i know i get paranoid easy haha my bad...Sent from my SCH-R740C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. just order them, alot of places do sleath... i heard herbies, provisionseeds, the tude (if you want to take that chance, once they seized your seeds i'm pretty sure your on that blacklist lol). i wouldnt try seedbay or Seed Boutique because of there past with the cops...
  7. citation needed.
    especially since the owner is in jail...
  8. and i isnt the person whos running the forum ratted out someone?
  9. you obviously do not know what you're talking about.
    it was a breeder who dropped dime on GN,.... not GN narcing out others.
  10. sorry i must of mis worded myself. 
    GN never snitched. a Breeder Snitched on him. i agree.
    The person who is currently running their site is now being controlled by [SIZE=10pt]Sam Selezny aka David Watson aka Skunk-man who has also been [/SIZE]outed as a snitch.

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    ^^ from the editors notes in your citation...^^
    aka they didn't want to get sued for lying......
    but go ahead and reference unsubstantiated claims, as fact.
    you've been back on GC for less then a  month and have not one positive thing to say about any breeder not affiliate with your provisional seed Co.
    and by the pics and posts of yours I've seen here and on RIU. i can say you're far from an expert grower. and tend to repeat what others have said...
    tells us much about your "research" .. or lack there of
    EDIT: that article is by Joesph R Pietre BTW
    you know the conspiracy theorist that accused Marc Emery of being a Child Molester as he was being booked into prison ?
    nothing good to say about other breeders? check the other thread about tga.
    far from expert grower? like you are? are you serious? tell me what an "experience grower" is. you starting to sound like swerve when he was on RIU. 

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