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  1. Im in an advanced art class and im having a mental block and I cannot think of anything for the project, the project is to pick a word that describes yourself....I can do that part.... but then you have to write that word in a bizzare lettering such as vines going up a house or like some sort of creatures or faces coming out of the letters! It may seem simple but I really want that WOW! factor with it and im clueless to how or what I should make the letters look like. Also you have to create a background to correlate with the letters
  2. im sure someone has an idea, cmon people this shit is due in 2 days
  3. im not doing your homework. you'll figure it out, no worries.
  4. What is the word you picked to describe yourself? That would help.
  5. I would describe myself as me, no word can define me as a person.
  6. well there you go, use an art style that most appeals to you, I cant draw worth a shit, and I doubt anyone on here is gonna do your homework for you. I mean it is an art class, theres really not a right answer in end.
  7. If you look like a typical stoner and don't care if your class knows, pick the word "hazy" or something and in the background have ppl passin' around a joint or something and the word is in smoke.
  8. I never once said "can you do my homework for me", I simply asked for some ideas to spark my imagination! Every one gets writer or drawer blocks and sometimes its difficult to think. Now if anyone has any IDEAS then I would be happy to hear them.
  9. serpent climbing a staff.
  10. Why don't you do a self portrait and hide the words in your face...

    Or you could do a picture of your hand or something and hide the words in the lines of your palm or your veins?

    If the word is "me", then I can't think of any sort of other picture that might be appropriate.
  11. That is a really good idea!!!! I was thinking about doing the word "fresh" and drawing shoes up on the power lines and have the laces spell the word... I picked fresh because I always try to get shoes that no one has and they are always lookin fresh hahaha

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