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Please help):

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weedith, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I smoked about a gram and a half of dank in the past 3 days...and this morning was the last time...if i dont smoke again whatsoever..drink lots of water...pee all the time and alot of water before test..will i pass in a few days?
    Im 5'8 150 lbs...not that much fat but some...definetely not even chubby...please tell me):

  2. Define a few days... But usually it takes a good week and a half minimum. But if you "work it", you might conceivably pass in a few.

  3. Well, lets say 3-4 days from when i last was only a gram and a half in the few days before that, and i dont have much fat...
  4. Nope. Mate you are stupid, you shouldnt smoke.
  5. You're not passing.
  6. Why would you keep smoking when you know you're going to be tested in a few days? You're probably screwed.
  7. Your screwed. You will fail a drug test and the police will be alerted immediately
  8. If I knew I had a drug test within 3 months I would lay off the herb for the time being...
  9. You're fucked dude, especially if you're fat.
  10. Yeah man dont have false hope that your going to pass it your going to fail
  11. Do what i do when i know i cant pass a drug test. smoke some weed that usually calms my nerves a little bit Lol.
  12. Run bitch run!

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