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  1. Hi all, I'm new to this game n I'm wondering if anyone can help me n have a look at these pics and see if you know what the problem could be and how to solve it, thank you

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  2. Too much dirt for the tiny girl; the soil is staying really wet. Not enough O2 for her atm, and can lead to fungal infections later on.

    Stop watering until she just begins to wilt and the top layer is dry and crusty; her leaves should straighten in between. Don't worry about the plant, as the roots will just dig deeper and deeper seeking the still-moist soil. You WANT this, as this initially long root system will help prevent O2 quicker than if you kept watering (keeps the roots system smaller, as they don't seek out water)

    Grab some distilled water if you havn't already. Next watering use that; in this early stage you don't want dissolved minerals in tap water to outcompete the nutes you want her to grab.
  3. Ah rite, well I havnt watered her this morning hopefully shell be ok till I get back from work (12 hour from now), iv been using tap water at the mo n ph it to 6.5 is that ok, also is it ok that I leave the tent open all day because temps go into there 90s, its only tempory for now as aim getting another inline fan at weekend,

  4. This gives the impression that you water every morning, which is never a good schedule for soil plants. 1-time is right about the watering, and the temps may be compounding the issue as well. Follow his suggestion on a regular basis, letting the soil dry out a bit before each watering.
  5. Yep ya got it in one, will definitely follow the advise given thank you, I'm really hoping leaves have perked up when I get back home :)

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