please help y is my plant not sexing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by johneym1, May 16, 2010.

  1. i have changed my lights 2 12/12 11days ago now and there is still no sign if it sexing yet there is no light leaking wot so ever so i know its not that so can some body got any ideas y its not sexing
  2. Give it time. Did it have preflowers when you switched the light?
  3. no just leafs lots of leafs it is still growing but not flowering:confused: thanks 4 replying 2 me
  4. So how are your plants, they would be well into flowering by now :)
  5. When you switched the lights, were the nodes offset?

    You can switch the lights to 12/12 whenever you want.

    The plant however, isn't mature until the nodes are offset, as in when there's a little space between the pairs coming off the main stem.

    If it wasn't fully mature when you started 12/12, that's ok. It'll just take a bit longer to show sex.

    Don't worry. Just keep letting it grow.
  6. well they r not sexing and they r VERY healthy the leafs r nice and green no drooping or yellow leafs just not sexing
  7. i think ur right i changed light 2 12/12 after 30 days so i changed lights 2 soon well its my 1st grow iv got 2 start some wear. lmao.. thanks m8 i was geting woried about my plants but now i know they will b ok thanks again
  8. If it's a strain native to Mexico or South America somewhere it is most likely a Sativa dominant strain and they can lack photosensitivity and flower according to age rather than light. This is typical of strains that developed closer to the equator where the daylight hours stay fairly constant all year. I hope this isn't the case because they can get HUGE.
  9. i dont know wot strain it is a frend gave me it:confused:

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