please help with world wide competition paper?

Discussion in 'General' started by shitonnick, May 16, 2011.

  1. need a world wide competition - the olympics, pan american games, tour de france, world cup soccer, freedom games, america's cup. Paper is to be four pages minimum. I need help on this some sources or something?Im high please help me with this
  2. get unhigh, get off this website, research for your paper, write it
  3. Yeah. what the guy above me said.

    How do you seriously expect to get any work done if you're A) too stoned to research and B) asking the advice of online stoners to do your research for you.

    Man, wait until you're unstonned, attempt to stay that way for at least 4 hours, and do some legit research. Or buy a convincing essay online.

    Your call.
  4. You could write four pages just as an introduction...

    Or just expand on a wikipedia article if you're really that lazy.
  5. google man. i'm a better writer high so stay that way.
  6. Cannabis Cup fool.
  7. It's a prickish thing to call people out on but dude at least try and hide that you're underage just a little bit. Delete some old threads or something.

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