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  1. whats up city?

    I was watering my plants earlier and noticed this



    I think i found a total of 5 seeds. I was curious as to what happened. If it turned hermie on me then it would have pollen sacs, right? I didnt see any on the plant. but If it got pollinated then it would start producing seeds and stop producing buds.
    Do you think having this plant in my grow room would compromise my grow room? If it was pollinated and not a hermie do you think it would be fine to keep it in with the rest?

    thanks all

  2. Actually if any fully-female plant goes into enough stress (usually caused by light penetration; you need to sit in your room dark for at least a half hour, then make sure you have no light leaks), it can produce seeds regardless of pollen. Usually the seeds are infertile, rarely they'd grow, however unless you've been handling males or know of any male plants in the vicinity (even incoming air can carry pollen), this is the only reason I can think of for seeds. Stress; which means light leaks.
  3. thanks itty. Im just worried about since it is showing seeds that somehow it will seed the rest of my plants. Do you think it would be fine to keep in the room or should I chop it?
  4. if your sure theyre seeds and not balls it shouldnt be a problem. make sure theres no light penetration in the dark cycle. but if your getting seeds you might wanna check for sources of incoming pollen (door cracks, air conditioning vents, etc.) since we all keep em secret you never know whos growing around you:(
  5. its inside plant. i had a hermie in another room for a couple weeks while I saved up some pollen. I killed it a week or so ago and didnt vacuum. i saw my cat in there the other day and so im not sure if it was caused by a light problem or if it was pollen that got transferred from one room to the other. I havent seen any pollen sacs on the plant only those seeds that are forming. thats why i think it got pollenated. Im trying to decide if im just going to pollenate it and get some feminized seeds. the hermie plant was grown from a seed that was found in some headies and the sativa looks damn nice. if you wanna see some pix check my grow journal.
  6. 2 grows ago, this happened to me, i had NO males, & she wasnt a hermi either, but when i dryed the buds, i found 4 seeds, only 4, planted them & 3 of the 4 sprouted, & 1 of the 3 were female. weird

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