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    Hi, this is my first post. Ann my first grow. Okay, so i getminated 6 or 7 seeds via paper towel method and got a few germinated, and planted them in soil, and after two days i jow have a sprout, and i just want to ask if it is normal that the sprout is white on the two leaf things that start sprouting out(i dont know what theyre called). The stem is green but those two leaf things are white. I dont know if its just because its just sprouted and theyll turn green or if its a problem. It litterally just sprouted. Its barley sticking out of the soil and still has the seed shell on it. Will they turn green or is there a problem?
  2. Post pictures or we can't help you.
  3. How do i post picture?
  4. If your on your phone hit the the + next to the text box then hit the three boxes in the top right corner and itll say attach picture
    It will turn green, then start growing leaves and if you do a good job in 3 months you will end up with fucking trees stinking up the whole house. Be like a skunk shit in the house. :D

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