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Please Help With Drug Test Question.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Troy93, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Hey, I just went in for a job interview and was suprised to get the job and Saliva drug tested on the spot. I'm a daily smoker, about a gram or less a day. I went in 17hrs clean and swished my mouth with hydro perox for 3 mins before interview and was tested about 15mins in. Just wondering if anyone else has experience with these drug tests and whether you passed or failed and how long clean were you? I'm not sweating it to bad i'm already employed but this job is offering more money so I would be pretty bummed not to get it. Thanks for any and all input given. On google I got answers ranging from 8-72hrs. I'm sure my good oral hygeine and fast metabolism give me a pretty good shot at passing. Brushed my teeth and mouthwashed before interview as per my usual interview routine. Thanks!

  2. any help here? I looked under the stickied thread in the apprentice tokers forum and couldnt really find any good informtion on the saliva testing.
  3. bumski one last time.
  4. yeah...saliva tests are even more sensitive than blood tests the best you're looking at getting an unreadable test result, in which case they'll make you do it again.
  5. I'll take it again. staying clean incase that exact scenario happens. I thought blood tests can catch you up to 90 days and tests for all metabolites. I heard swab tests can only read for THC and not the metabolites that stay in yout body for weeks. Thanks for your input though. I was hoping to get someone who has taken one of these before by suprise and whether they passed or failed.

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