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  1. So I built a bubble cloner for 12 clippings, the cuttings came off of a mother that is outdoors and had shown the very first sign of flowering when i cut them. They are under a single 26 watt "daylight" (6500k) cfl, however the room they are in is fairly well lit during the day so they get added light for about 14 hours a day and only the cfl light for the rest of the night. The cloner is a 3.5 gallon rubbermaid with with 2 pumps, pumping a total of about 40 gallons of air per hour. The water is set to a ph of 5.8, and i used "wilson liquid root stimulator" before putting them in the cloner. Its been 72 hours and i still see no signs of rooting except for a tiny strand on maybe one cutting.

    So here are the questions
    -is the light enough?
    -is the PH ok?
    -how often do i change the water (if ever)?
    -given the the mother already showed signs of flowering will i have a problem?
    -should i add nutrients?
    should i add something else? I have superthrive but i tried it in two DWC and it didn't seem to help much besides promoting algae growth
    -anything else
    -should i be concerned that after 72 hours i see nothing?

    Here are the pictures are some pictures, as you can see one is turning south already

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  2. Breathe's only been 3 days.
  3. yellowing is good very good mean it wll probably root first its working when there doing nothing theyr probably dead after a long while jsut die in my experience yellowing come right before roots
  4. I clone in a dome top with inserts. from cut to root always takes ten days on the nose. use a root stimulant and vitamin gel like clonex. then just keep them misted and WAIT. lighting is fine doesnt need much at that stage
  5. so its taken a little over two weeks but 10 out of the 12 have rooted. can I keep them in the same bucket and just add 1/4 streangth nutrients? I'm a bit concerned because some the ones that rooted early are already pulling nutrients from the new growth. should I increase light also (23 w cfl 6500k

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  6. I've had Kush cuttings take 3-4 weeks to root, you're doing great!
    They don't need anymore light, it's working fine.
    Just plant the rooted ones :)

  7. Is adding nutrients to the bin they are currently in not an option?
  8. it's less work in the long run if you transplant the rooted ones now. if you leave them and start vegging in that you get more headaches down the road, I.E.,insufficent light,nute levels, root tangling,overcrowding,stunted growth and a few others. just transplant bro.
  9. I start my clones in peat plugs in a covered dome. I spray some 1/2 strength foliar nutes once or twice during the whole process, anything more and they don't like it. I also use clonex at the start and it's supposed to add nutes too.
    When you're not sure, less is better.
  10. a wise blade once told me yellowing is good it means roots. and not to pluck any leaves until they have no green left. clones always look like shit at first.

  11. First, thanks for the advice,
    i was planning to do like a sea of green DWC with clay pellets which is essentially the same set up i have now, m inus the small cups of clay pellets

    also, can these clones go in to soil if i wanted to do that?

    what system would you reccomend i transplant to

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