Please help with 1 serious ?

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  1. Jsut turned my light over to 12/12 for 4 days now is it to late to clone them they just now staringnto hair up, and i would like to clone them before it becomes to late please help... They are about 17 inches tall,,,
  2. it is too late
  3. You really should not post if you do not know the answer!

    Clone away, you should be fine.

  4. Your fine to take clones, unless the plant is a MONSTER I wouldn't take more than two at a time....
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    thanx here they are, they are big budxnorthen light... i like to call em

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  6. Looking very nice, I can see lots of nice clones there just begging to be cut! I would only take a few though as it will shock your girls and you will lose a little bud.

    Good luck
  7. Sorry for being grumpy, I could not sleep!


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