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Please help, will weed help me with my back pain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RollingStoned92, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Soo the last 2 or 3 days ive been suffering from very strong back pain and im thinking about not going to my friends new year party, the only exception would be if i somehow managed to get rid of the pain, we would be high all the time and my question was would my back go numb as long as im high?
  2. No one can tell you for sure....but, weed does help many people with various kinds of pain. It would depend on the reason for the pain, the kind of weed (and in a non-medical state you are just kind of chancing it sometimes), and even just you.

    Personally, I have bad back pain sometimes, do to a past accident. In short, my pain is due primarily to arthritis in my back from the way a break healed as well as muscle pain related to that. I also see a chiro, but have found weed to help a lot. In general, quality weed has been more helpful for me. Being in a non medical area personally, I can't give you much advice regarding effectiveness of various strains.

    Depending on why it hurts you could try taking a hot shower and laying down with some heat packs on it, too, and that might take the edge off. Plus a dose of the NSAID or comparable product of you choice.
  3. I get back pains and pains in my knees, it helps me with the pain better than any pain relief tablet. Everybody is different so it depends on you, it may help it may not.
  4. well thank you both for your advices, i appreciate it really much :) i took a hot bath and it really helps too ^^ im hoping for the best :3 and i wish you both a hppy new year
  5. You too op, have a good one.

    Good luck with the pains.
  6. I've found smoking to help me with almost any pain, really. Where I live though, there is no medicinal marijuana. There's not really any strains to choose from. So most of the time, it's indica that I get, and therefore I can become tired when I don't necessarily want to.

    If you can't get some sativa strain, I'd just smoke a small amount of cannabis to fix the pain. I mean, if you want to get really high, do that, but the way I read your question, you o my wanted to get rid of the pain.

    Another tip is to vaporize the cannabis. I normally do not get tired in the same way a bong makes me. Good luck, and a happy new year to you, OP :)
  7. Yes it will, infact my girl just had knee surgery a week ago, and her pain was intense, shes been taking lortabs prescribed along with a few others, but I bought her an Oz, and we smoked it definitely helped her out.
  8. Take some ibuprofin shit works wonders
  9. If it serious you may want something stronger... although you can talk to your doctor about that

    but if you like to smoke then try and get a card and hash oil threw an oil dome can work wonders

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