Please Help!!!!! What sex am I?!?!?!?

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  1. My boyfriend and I started growin 7 weeks ago for the first time and our plants are just starting to show their first sign of preflowering. We read up on everything before we started to grow so when we saw the first signs of preflower last night on plant #1 we are thinking it's either male or hermie. So could someone please tell us what you think, so we know for sure if we should kill it. We have 4 other plants that are the same age and haven't shown us what they are yet. So if this is a boy it's gotta go! Here are the best pics we could take. Pic a. and b. are from the 4th and 5th nodes. And the other pic is of the top. Feedback greatly appreciated!

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  2. Its a male. sorry =/
  3. Kindda figured so. Thank you for the quick reply.
  4. Definitly a male.
  5. Agreed. Male.

  6. sorry thats a Boy:mad:

  7. cut the bastard down, how dare he try messing up your grow. On the bright side, if the rest of your plants are the same gentics there's a good chance the rest of them are ladies, as they usually take a few days longer to show.
  8. Thanx everyone! My boyfriend and I gave him a good funeral then tossed him away.
  9. Im kinda new to this, but is there anything you can do with the leaves of a male? Or do you just toss em. Smoking it sounds kinda pointless tho because i heard it doesnt give you a high due to the low THC in males.
  10. We cut off the leaves before we tossed the plant and are keeping them to make hash. We have read some forums about how to make it. So we figured what the heck, we'll give it a go.
  11. I dont know I've heard and prolly a bunch of other peps on this forum that when plants are young that the males have more THC in them than females. I grow outdoors so un fourtunately when my males show sex they are usually pretty big so mine go to the hash stash.(Trim. leaves ect.) TO MAKE HASH PEACE
  12. Good Luck making your hash 420

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