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  1. Hello fellow blades! I am in a crisis with my plants. Bout 2 weeks ago they started showing signs of stress & I fucked with them more. As u can see I cut off ALL the big fan leaves on my babys. (STUPID MISTAKE, I dont know y I did that. Anyways I did it & since then they really have not grown. They actually gettin worse everyday. I dont know what to do now but if they dont pick up Im just gonna kill them. I dont like my plants lookin like this & I rather kill em than continue with them looking like shit.
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  2. Well, I'd say your here because you want to save her? Get us the ph-run-off on your girl and well see what we can do.
  3. PH run off is around 5.5-6.0
  4. Are you in soil or Coco?
  5. Yeah I would really really live to save these bad bbys tho. Its Reserva Privada Purple Wreck BTW
  6. Soil, (Fox Farm Ocean Forest)
    5 gallon pots
    Day 53 from germination today
  7. Can it to something having to do with cutting off my fan leaves?
  8. you ph is too low.... that is good for coco or hydro, get your ph higher to 6.5
  9. I'm going to assume you're in soil: nutrient uptake of P, Ca, and Mg have been totally removed. Flush and bring ph run-off to 6.5 and they will improve slowly. Be prepared to live with them looking like they do unless you give them a manicure.
    Defoliation can be good for the plant if done properly.
  11. i agree with this, that would be great for hydroponics, but for soil i would say 6.5 to 7.0 
  12. Manicure as in cut off dead growth? Should I flush right now? I fed yesterday. So I should PH my water to bout 7 & then flush with that water?
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    My water here ph's at 7 coming from the tap... if yours is similar you could do this, just keep running it through and constantly check your run-off until it's corrected to 6.5... wait a day or two and add  nutes at 50% recommended dosage.
  14. But I would have to wait a day or two for chlorine to evaporate out. I have a RO system & PH up & PH down. My water comes out lile 6.6 out of RO system. Should I PH it like to 7.5 then flush with that? Should I flush right right now?

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