Please help, what am I doing wrong?

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  1. I have 7 plants, in the tub, under a 400w mh, light is about 12" from the plants. They are in small hempy buckets (cups with holes) 3 to 1 perlite to vermiculite, I just gave them their 1st feeding, with 1/4 strength gh floramicro & grow, rapid start and Dutch master gold silica. There are two things I can maybe think of, the temp is a bit too high in there (85ish) and when they germinated, I planted them when the first root was about 1/4" long, I know most people do it as soon as the seed cracks. One of them was almost 1/2", it grew fast in like 4 hours. The 4 on the left are white widow x big bud. The 2 tall ones are white widow x skunk and the tiny one is cotton candy. Sorry it's so long, I just want to give you guys as much info as possible. Thank you so much for any info!

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  2. Please guys, nothing?

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  3. I'd start by putting domes on them.
  4. Ssdi,
    What issues are you talkin about exactly? Seeing as they're seedlings i would not put domes on them. Be sure to water them with water ph'd to 5.8.. I give mine 5.6 because my tap tends to rise and stabilize 2-3 points higher than initial drop. Keep in mind that seedlings don't need any food for the first week or two of initial development.. Also feed them very lightly 200-350 ppms for the first few weeks - stay on the lower end and top off around 400-600 ppms towards the end of veg (many people feed at higher rates, but I like to give them just what they need - keeps things less complicated). Keep that strength for the first few weeks of flowering (different npk rate of course) and gradually work back down in strength - like a bell curve. Also, what are you using for lighting?
    Btw- got a few in hempys myself at the moment so if you need any more advice let me know
  5. I dome my seedlings until they outgrow it.
    To each their own, as long as it works out in the end.
  6. shouldn't feed anything but water for first 2-3 weeks
  7. Yes blaze to each their own my brother .. ImO doming seedlings will increase the chances of mold/root rot.. Doming is only necessary for clones because they lack roots (even clones dont necessarily need to be domed - i dont dome mine) therefore lack the ability to drink and will get their moisture needs through foliar feeding - humidity in the environment.
    Ssdi- I'd pick that light up a bit.. 12" is a little close for a 400w MH on seedlings .. I'd go to about 16-18" and just lower it some if you're getting some stretching..

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