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please help w/ my ph

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by michigander, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. Hey every body i need help lowerung my ph i think its hurting my plants, rightnow its at allmost 8.0!:eek: Help i dont know what to do, and the problem also needs to fixed organicly as ive tried hard to keep it so. Ant help would be great. Thanks!:smoke:
  2. Petco or a pool supply shop buy some ph down like ... right now.. seriously, get in the car :eek:
  3. "Here are some ph buffers when your ph is too high: Use these SOIL PH Adjustments to lower your ph: sawdust, composted leaves, wood chips, cottonseed meal, leaf mold and peat moss. Sawdust, composted leaves, woodchips and, lemon juice, PH DOWN."

    I copied that list from this link ... . I'm not sure how much of each you should add to your soil though , you'll need to do some more research .
  4. I would say that if ur near a grow store or hydro store get some ph down, i think it would work best
  5. And like now, lol. Unless you're not very attached to your plants :cool:
  6. thanks trainer i went to a local nursery and bought some organic soil acidifier, sulfate based, it seems to be working gradualy but ive only got the ph down to about 7.2.
    I dont want to change it to fast as i heard it can cause shock to my babys, is this true or should i be more aggresive with the acidifier?
  7. Thank you peacfullbudda that should realy help
  8. Vinegar also will lower pH.

    Are your plants showing any signs of nute lockout?
  9. Just try and keep your PH between 6.0 and 6.8 for a soil grow :cool:
  10. is this nute lockup (which i think it is), or light burn? My 400 watt hps is about 2 and a half feet above. Thanks for your help everybody. note that new growth looks pretty good ive been trying a couple things very gradualy.

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  11. I'm having the same problem. I transpanted into new soil, tap water ph is at 7, added nutes, flushed the system and the PH shoots back to 8 overnight. Driving me crazy and I can't afford PH down until next week.
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    The yellowing of lower leaves is classic nitrogen deficiency, very often caused by pH lockout. The last pic looks like could be other deficiencies or could be nute burn, or both. Stop feeding for now -- until you get your pH in line, your plants cannot uptake all the nutrients they need (that's exactly what the pH lockout is), so they just build up in the soil and burn your roots, plus if there are any that your plant can uptake it is uptaking too much.

    You are not getting light bleaching from a 400w HID at 2.5 feet.

    Flush your soil, get your pH in line, and then start back with ferts at a low dosage.
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    Thanks toasty. a couple more questions if thats allright. At what ratio should i flush soil to water, and how ofton for how long? the usaul 1gal soil 3gal wat? Also my well water that i use for my plants is at almost 8 ph allready, im using a sulpher based soil acidifing anendment that seems to be working slowly. I guess mu question is should i put vinigar or lemon juice or other in the water while i flush? What should my ph be before i start feeding again? Sorry bout all that but you seem to know alot that could help, Thanks. And also what should the ph of my water be?
  14. Flushing is useless if you're flushing with already high ph water

    What did you expect?
  15. I expect people co be helpfull, not condesending. If your not trying to be helpfull your not obligated to post, as a mater of fact ide rather you didnt. Obviosly i need to get the waters ph down, but how,ie; vinigar, lemon juice, how much.... Dont be a dick gumdispenser!
  16. It's too difficult to guage how much. It depends on how much water you are adding solution down, and what the PH of your water is, and how much affect X amount of vinegar will have on Y amount of water.

    You need PH testing solution, then you will be able to use vinegar, etc. to lower PH.

    However, you're growing cannabis and nobody tries to grow anything other than the best they can, so why not do it right and charge $10 worth of Proper PH products on a credit card (since you said you can't afford it now).
  17. Thats assuming i have a credit card. the reason i am doing this grow is because im a medicinal smoker, im layed off, and cant afford to buy it, not to mention what little access i have since i moved.
    however i do have a 3 in1 moister, light, ph meter. is this accurate enough or should i get a better kit?:confused: Im not totaly broke(yet) so if its going to save my babys ill do whatever it takes. Thanks for your help. Also what should my water ph be at?
  18. adjust your water to 5.5-6.0 area flush it out a bit untill you get the runoff in the prime area of 6.5.... if it really high your runoff work it down slowly over a period of waterings...
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    I'm not being a dick, I'm being obvious

    Don't use well water.

    Buy store bought water.

    Sorry if by stating the most obvious cheapest solution, that I came off as a dick.

    Your ph problem is because of your water. At least, it's pretty obvious your water is responsible.

    if you want to lower the pH of WATER, then you'll need to buy PH DOWN. The other solutions are for high PH caused by nutrients and soil.
  20. i got my ph straightend out, between 6.5 and 6.8 so i started feeding lightly again w/ some "tea" i made. also transplanted the 3 in the cup to a bucket. there starting to look nice.

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