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Please Help. Very confused About Conflicting Butter Info

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by bigbudd911, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. okay, thought I would make up some cannabutter to put into some edibles, as I will be away on work (at a new job). I am not sure the fellow I am working with is 420 friendly (i am a medical user, however cannot obtain a script in my area) so I'm thinking edibles are the way to go. I am aware of how to make butter, as I have done it in the past with good results. I have run into a few issues tho
    The betty crocker cookie mix that I got, calls for 125ml of butter (which I belive is equal to 1 stick in US measurements). However, when I got home and re-read the instructions, I noticed that it is for 3 dozen (36) cookies!!! Im not too sure which way to approach this - as it looks like if I were to use 1/2 of the package to make 18 cookies, I would need to use half the ammount of butter, meaning 1/2 a stick or 62.5ml. Frankly I dont see this as enough butter to even cover the ammount of budd I will be using.
    - 14 grams of high quality BC ganja
    -5 grams of super high quality BC full melt bubble hash
    I have always made butter using the double boiler method (with no water mixed with the butter). However, it appears that with only 65ml of butter, I am gonna have a hell of a time even COVERING the bud in butter, let alone squeezing out most of the good stuff. I see this turning into a drastic waste.
    Im assuming the route to go is the butter/water mix because I should be able to fit waaay more budd into the mix, correct? I also know to not add the hash untill near the end becuase it requires almost no time at all to disolve.
    Doing the water method, I need to ask a few questions as I am unfamilar with this and have read DRASTICALLY conficting advise:
    -So if I add water to the butter, do I still need to put it in the double boiler (this seems unneccessary to me, because the water will prevent the mixture from ever going over 100 degrees, and having boiling water heating a water/butter mix seems pointless)
    -What is the correct temp to keep this at? Looking up the evaporation point for THC and CBD and such, it seems to a general consensus to keep the temp below 300 degrees F or 148 C. I see a lot of people saying not to let the mix boil... however that makes no sense because if the mix cannot increase past 100c... why would that matter? Wouldnt you WANT the butter/watter to pretty much be at a rolling boil, as this will be a higher temperature aiding in absorbing thc, yet not degrading it?
    -Correct ammount of water for 125ml or 62.5ml butter?
    -Last, what is the correct cooking time to make the butter this method. Once again I hear the most crazy divided advise regarding this. Having some previous expereince with chemistry, it seems absolutely insane to do this for 24 hours. If THC is really THAT soluble in fat, it should take a matter of minutes to a max of 2 hours. From my understanding, once solubiity has hit its maximum and once no more extraction is taking place, the drug will begin to degrade. Even 6 hours seems crazy to me. Ive read varrying reports from 30 minutes to 6 hours... and am really confused in what the reasoning is for such a long cooking time - especially due to the fact that the drug will degrade if heat is applied for so long.
    Thanks guys. I wish i wouldnt have bought this cookie mix but it was all they had, and like I said, i thought it was for a dozen cookies... not 36 cookies lol

     Just take your herb, and make hash or a concentrate before beginning (I'll give you a concentrate-to-oil tutorial, below :) ).
     That's an easy way to concentrate your dose, and without sacrificing potency, which is what happens when you try to dilute and stretch out your oil or 'edible solvent' with water. :eek:
     The tutorials below will easily answer each and every one of your questions... they cover the manipulating the length of the process to produce your desired effect, they cover the best temperatures, the best materials, what to do, and what to avoid. :cool:
     When making canna oil with flowers and adding hash to boost the potency, you'll decarb or activate both for the same time, and add both to your oil at the same time. It's the same glandular material, and as such, it requires the same process and exposure to heat and oil, in order to draw that glandular material out from the trichome husks and produce a bioavailable solution.
     The extraction happens rather quickly, but unfortunately, many people stop far short of producing a bioavailable solution. And a canna oil containing just free-floating clusters of cannabinoids, rather than properly dissolved, and bonded/coated cannabinoids, is only just barely better than eating the herb itself. This is why you need to process hash, and even concentrates with your oil for the appropriate amount of time, and why it requires virtually the same process as flowers, in order to achieve the most efficient outcome!
     You were right to avoid water all this time! :)
     You never, ever want to combine water with your canna when maing butter or oil.  The rumor that adding water when making canna oil could somehow help the outcome, or allow people to add more green than they can submerge in their butter or oil, began as an outdated and ill-conceived attempt to control temps and even 'wash' or produce cleaner butter, when the results couldn't be any more the opposite.
     Water in the mix can keep overall temps a little more in line, but it certainly doesn't protect the herb from coming into contact with the heat of the burner below, and as far as clean butters go, it pulls in more inert, and bitter, salty green plant matter from your material, due to the water-soluble nature of those components, when they would otherwise be left behind with a pure oil.
     It pulls out what you don't really want, the components that many canna cooks try to avoid when not making capsules, but what's worse, it does so all while HINDERING the extraction process, due to the fact cannabis glandular material is not considered water soluble. Water washing was meant to be performed 1.) on the plant matter, before the oil process even begins.. the material is then allowed to dry before being combined with oil, or 2) the finished oil or butter itself may even be washed, but again, it must be finished, meaning that it should be done only after a bioavailable solution has formed.
     The process of washing out inert components was never meant to be performed DURING the creation of the canna butter or oil! :p
     In any given period of time, you will make more progress, and produce better results, with a pure solvent rather than one so diluted! :yay:
     It's why the experts recommend not only avoiding the water butter methods, but that you should clarify your butter as well, to remove the natural water content (and milk solids) it contains, resulting in a better edible solvent for the glandular material we're after. :hello:
     Here are some tutorials that should help you out, the concentrate tutorial is the one you'll want, if you'd prefer to make a concentrate rather than sifting for hash (although sifting can be as simple as buying a nylon or gold coffee filter from the dollar store, adding very dry, ground herb to it, then swirling your hand along the base while over a collection bowl or dish!);
    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to RSO/Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-

    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Hash Oil (starting with dry-sift hash, same as capsule recipe, oil can also be used for cooking)

    Med-Grade Hash Oil


    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Canna Oil (starting with flowers/bud/trim etc)

    Med-Grade Canna Oil



    Each jar and bottle below, along with a few smaller gift bags with caps and chocolates, were given to the local
    patients most in-need
    and those who had suffered the most hardship this year... enough for most to medicate daily, until
    at least spring! [​IMG]

    Fast & frozen wash concentrate..
    If video tutorials are more useful for you, here is the World Summit edition of the CannaPharm information....
     You'll be wanting Vol. 1 - & - Vol. 4. , but I'll also include the previews..... the extra time-lapsed footage of little seedlings germinating and growing over the course of a day, obscuring the little GrassCity hello sign in a matter of seconds is pretty neat to watch, too. :D  :yay:
    Cannabis World Summit  : BadKittySmiles Headlines!
     Both Rick Simpson and I were the headlining 'star speakers' of the Cannabis World Summit, the Summit is an annual, 10-day, free and informative event, available to all members of our community who are interested in cannabis, in its medical applications, and in what the major players in the community are up to. :)
      Nine of the ten days featured three or more speakers for each day, Rick and I were asked to share the Big 4/20 day of the Summit alone due to the volume of content we provided the community, and to our track records with treating and even curing cancer, as well as other illnesses, with our medical oils! My medical oil video tutorials, Rick's interview, and his documentaries can be found on Day 5 / 4-20-2013, along with some bonus footage from Rick. :D
     Here ya go!
    BadKat's CannaPharm : The Cannabis World Summit Edition...
    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 1: Decarboxylation" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 2: Flowering & Revegetated Clones" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 3: Hash Machine Demo" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 4: Medical Grade Oil" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 5: Powerful Topical Bone Bars" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKittySmiles World Summit Preview.. Medical Grade Canna Oil, Hash, Edibles, Cloning and more!

    BadKittySmiles - GrassCity!!! - Cannabis World Summit - Comment to WIN FREE SIGNED BeeLine Hemp Wick!

    Day 5 - April 20
    Good luck, and have fun! :wave:
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    Holy crap dude that has be the most informative post I have ever read! Thank you so much. I will start reading and learning again (I notice a lot with pot related stuff, there seems to be a bandwagon that everyone jumps on, without any actual proof. And the wagon changes all the time. Last time I made butter, EVERYONE said to use water with the butter. I was always skeptical of this)
    Also, good news. looking at reviews for the Bettry Croker mix, it will make 36 - 2 inch cookies. Well, seeing as the average cookie in my household is 4 inches wide, I'm pretty sure I should be okay for the butter ammount. I went ahead and clarrified my butter to get rid of the milk solids, as ive always found this to be the best way to do it.
    So there should be no harm in mixing the butter with water AFTER the extraction and squeezing the filter is complete? Ex, take finished butter, add 125ml water, stir on low heat for 5 minutes, put into fridge to solidfy. I have heard this makes cleaner, better tasting butter and would love to give it a go.
    Thanks so much for the quality reply! That was super informative!!
    EDIT: So I am nearing the end of the cooking process for the butter. What I am wondering, is if I can just do this wash step all at once. I never added any water to the butter. But after it has completed cooking, would it be okay to simply add about 70ml of water to the 120ish ml of butter (with chronic still in it), remove from heat, stir for maybe two minutes, then immediately strain and allow to set in the fridge. once cooled, remove solid butter from the water?
    I just don't want to add an extra step and lose more butter. Ex. I finish cooking, filter, add butter back to cooking pot but mix in water. then allow to solidify.
  4. Just went ahead and did it , took a chance (as George Carlin once said ;) ) Added the water to the finished butter/chronic after removing from heat. Stirred on no heat for 1 minute. Put water/butter/chronic mix back on double boiler for 2 minutes while stirring. Then filtered and squeezed with cheesecloth.
    Good news is - I got back what looks like 95% of the butter i started with, but only about 75% of the water which is great. Just put butter/water mix in the fridge while covered. Butter looks the darkest green Ive ever seen, almost black right now. The water is just as dirty as if I had cooked the cannabis in the water the entire time The drastic difference tho is the shade of the butter compared to people who use the water method. They usually have a light green to neon green color, mine is much darker (could be the color of the hash)
    Only issue i had was I noticed that not all of the hashish dissolved in the butter. I noticed this while pouring and abruptly stopped, mushed little hash pieces with a spoon and stirred. i did use two different kinds of hash - so I am leading to believe this may have actually been small pieces of impurities that are not soluble.
    So I will update in a few hours once the cookies have been made and tried. :D
    Thanks so much for the advise BadKitty. you really cleared up a lot for me in regards to washing. I think the way I washed it really shouldn't affect the product. Like I said... it is MUCH darker than I expected :D
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    I have a solution to your problem. Take a brick of butter, and about 21 grams of good weed and put it in a crock pot, alternate between low and keep warm for about 12 hrs or so. Strain out the bud with whatever kind of strain u can find, I use a frying pan cover thats designed to stop bacon grease from splattering. Now take that butter which should be about a cup and a half after straining and make peanut butter cookies exactly how the recipe asks for. Just make sure u mix the butter in as good as possible with a beater or somethin.

    I will guarantee u will be happy with the results if u follow this method...thats all I can say

    I actually cook it on low for an hr or so then stir it and switch to keep warm, then back to low once or twice then I leave it on keep warm for the last 7-8hrs (while I'm sleeping).

    I'm tellin u man, u won't be disappointed. It doesnt get any easier
  6. well I sure as hell didn't read through all these posts to make sure but...
    Betty crocker is full of crap.
    I made 13 cookies out of the supposed 36 that could've been made and just added 1 egg and whatever I put the bud into (oil, butter, w/e) the cookies tasted great. So just make them with the full bag and a stick of cannabutter.

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