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  1. today my plant fell over and i transplanted it and it was fine gave it a little water and i went to go check on it now its flopped over and whilting please help me fix this its a purp plant to i begg for help
  2. how wet is the soil? when the plant fell over did any main branches break?
  3. you could have over watered it. my advice is to give it 20 hours of light and 4 of darkness and dip your finger in the soils edge to see if its to moist, if it is to moist then dont water it.
    If its really wilting and looks like its dead, clip some limbs off or clip it at the main stem and dip it in some rooting hormone to see if you can clone it to keep your strain going.

    Im really sorry to hear shes wilty, it doesnt often go to good from here on out once they wilt at a young age.
  4. fuck i cant get rooting gel its all bennt wit droopy leaves one little fan blade broke thats it what do i to keep it alive
  5. keep lots of light on it, keep it watered but DO NOT OVER WATER IT.
    post a picture if you can, id like to see it!
  6. are you still growing your plants on your window sill?
  7. yes i am i cant put em out side yet not sure if its warm enogh
  8. do you have lights on it?
  9. how is she doing today
  10. shes still not good i dont think shes gonna make it
  11. look here she is soooo saddddd =(

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    :( time to start over.

    shes gone man :'(
  13. fuck i still have to more plants but im really pissed ru shure theres no chance
  14. yea man shes gone
  15. damn R.I.P to da purp

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