Please help! urgent plant yellowing question, w/ pics

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  1. Hi, my plants are all doing good, accept one which is very yellow on the new growth. its been this way for about 3 days, any ideas?? all of the other plants are same age, on same nute reserve, ph 5.9 ppm 720 w/ distilled water in res, 75f water temp. Theres NO yellowing in the plants which are the same size and age. Please help

    the pictures are of the yellowing plant, the last pic of of a plant that shares the same environment (aeroponics)

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  2. are these clones? or seedlings , how old?

    and do the other plants also have purple stalks

  3. i have a baby with a purple stalk. whats this mean?
  4. purple stalks "if not in the genetics of the strain" is a phosphorus defeciency

    wether from lack of food, ph lockout or cold temps (below57F)
  5. im pretty sure its not supposed to be purple, i encountered ph lockout due to high ph for the first 2-3 weeks. because of my use of tap water... the new shoots arent purple, and the slowest growing plants are the ones with the most purple... These were all grown from seed, day 23 from seed. (theyre doing great by the way) The yellowing is gone, all the plants look pretty good, but some have the tips of thier leaves bent down... is this from lack of enough light? or over nuteing?

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  6. ya im about to get a ph tester for my plant....
  7. certainly sounds like a ph lockout

    complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...collect & test the PH of this runoff both the watering going in the pots and the runoff ph

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