please help , Underwatered plants

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  1. Pretty much was thrid day of grow and I had added another cfl light bout 200watts , I had left for three days for thanksgiving I came back one day watered them but the other two days they went dry, should I just start over or try n save em
  2. Here's pics

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    Need more info. Were the plants wilted when you came back or did they droop after you watered them? What condition are the plants currently in?

    edit: now that i see pics...they are falling over because they are stretching for the light, causing the stems to thin out and not able to support the weight of the tops. You need to transplant them into deeper containers asap. Bury them halfway into the soil.
  4. They'll survive as long as their not crispy and add some duck tape or something around your .. uh i guess you can call it 'pots' so the light won't touch the roots !
  5. Just transplanted them , should I start adding the nutrients now

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  6. What soil are they in? If the soil is premixed with nutes, you can start feeding the plants after 3 weeks. If no nutes are present, you can start feeding when the plants get their second set of true leaves. Give it 1/4 strength to begin with, and gradually increase the dosage.
  7. Miracle grow moisture control , so start usin the nutes
  8. When I start the 20/4 cycle. Should the fan be off too
  9. i keep fan on 24/7 but thows little guys may need some support
  10. More help man, now thw leaves look creekly ,WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!

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  11. What you need to do is relax! They look just fine, man. Do NOT feed these plants any extra nutrients until their cotyledons start turning yellow.
  12. They dont look too bad just let them grow, they had a rough start
  13. Chill, theryre fine.

    patience is the most important aspect of growing. Plants have a completely different sense of time than you do. Theres no "quick fix" for a plant. They need a few days to come around.
  14. How often should I water now
  15. Whenever they need it. Stick your finger about 1.5 inches into the soil and see if its wet... If its still moist, your plants are fine, if not, add water.

    Just be mellow with your plants, try and get a feel for what they need in a particular situation...

  16. I really believe that, reading thru forums constantly makes you over think shit with your own plants. aha, Patients is definitely a part of it! and plus its a weed, they are so adaptable, but just not to too much water. :D

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