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Please help!...tolerance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cheebasmoke, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Hello fellow bud tokers,

    I have a problem that you all can hopefully help me out with. Ive been tokin for about a year and a half now and i really cant tell all that well how potent weed is. The less often i smoke the more high i get. If i dont smoke all week, then on friday after school i could take like 4 hits off of a bowl of just decent regs and id be tore up as hell. I could take 4 hits of kind bud and still get just as high. If i smoke like 3 days in a row and if i smoked alot them days, on the 3rd day my high will be disappointing. I wont get as high and for a short amount of time. I also noticed that if i smoke like 2 days in a row, the 2nd day i just cant reach the same peak no matter the amount smoked. The first like 15 times i smoked (once weekly) i got blasted every time off a small amount. But now i almost never get as high as i used to, only on certain occasions.

    This is really bothering me and i would like to know if anyone out there is similar to me, or just explain to me how ur tolerances are or if u even have one. Any responses would be appretiated alot. Pz.
  2. wierd man. i get high every time
  3. i'm with weedeater... i always get wrecked... unless we're only smoking a bowl or two. my tolerance doesn't really fluctuate much unless i go more than a week w/o burnin'... it's just steadily on the incline, lmao :D
  4. umm..yeah..i always get high too.
  5. even if u guys smoke a few days in a row...after u smoke...will u always get high the same amounts of time?
    Sometimes i get high for like 8 hrs. sometimes its like 2. pls reply
  6. Sounds like you may have some varying qualities of weed my friend. Or your tolerance is just too high. Try to not smoke for a couple of weeks and then see where your level is at.
  7. yeah, i've experianced this before... this summer... august i harvested my first crop and had sooo much weed... and for about straight weeks i smoked sooo much, so much that basicly was high 24/7. Then i had to goto this church camp for a week, and wasnt able to smoke for 7 days... after the withdrawl, which was a bitch, i smoked up on that 7th day, and was hammered, where before the camp it took about 1 and a half joints to knock me down, i only puffed a couple times the other time, and was out, and i think it was the THC level in my body getting lower...

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