please help! think this is septoria?!?!? what how ! indoors?!?!

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  1. i have no idea how this happend just popped up a couple days ago!! i keep a very clean enviornment!?! how!

    someone please tell me this isnt what i think it is

    if so can i clean everything all the leaves on other plants and shit with hydrogen peroxide ?

    and would running hyrdogen peroxide through the soil fix it?

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  2. First uninformed guess would be a nutrient / pH imbalance. septoria would be last guess
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  3. Ive seen leaf septoria firsthand, this isn't it. Likely a calcium deficiency.
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    i def thought it was septoria... spread to others .. ive had several calcium deficiency signs and treated them my nutrient both micro and macro are sufficient, its much more pics i couldnt upload but yea, saw it on others and rid the plant of the room already

    wish i had gotten more extensive before freaking out becasue i have several factors i believed to be the case

    i left much pruned layers lying around,

    had a very hot and moist enviornment for a couple days prior to it showing,

    i touched the plant that the pictures are in and then others and today the plants all had small signs on lowest leaves only,( which they say it starts their and spreads up)

    and i know my runoff isnt a problem and i just fed it with calcium and mag as well as a full spectrum micro dosing

    also have been having fungal gnat problems,

    not SUPER pissed i got rid of the plant becasue it was stunted as fuck but yea
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    boy i wish you were here hours ago and after several hours of pruning all the leaves i thought it spread too as well as scrapping the plant its over with

    lesson learned but for me even if i saw this i probobally would have done it anyway several indicators in this factored in

    it makes sense for many reasons, i had many pruned leaves sitting just outside the door, as well as many dead on the floor for while without knowing

    ontop of that, my runoff is at a stable 6.7

    i also feed a healthy dose of micro and macro mix nutrienets regularly and this still happend, no signs of any magnesium or calcium deficiency either like ive seen them on these same plants previously, they tend to be very close together in the grouping and not spot like this,

    i pretty much ruled everything out since i have stable runoff and feeding of calcium ? as well as a gnat problem mildly and some of the orangee back beetles that come in and i figure they spread it when i noticed it on other plants lower leaves, and it was very much looking like all the content i found showed

    runoff at 6.7 (water ph. 6.8)

    healthy doses of foiler spray and bi weekly entire micro feeding, as well as macro as needed,

    what really made me think it was so much was when i checked my other plants that were completely healthy and they had small dots randomly with ZERO signs of calcium deficiecy or magnesium and they were tending to on the sides near this main infected plant as well as other spots but i have had mild fungas gnat problems jumping around so they defiantly dont help AND i just recently topped the soil layer with an old batch of my roots organic that defiantly must have been what either contained the septoria, OR the fungas gnats brought it in, either way its already cleaned, NOT to mention it was the entire plant and calcium deficiency on these same plants looked much different in terms of grouping coloring and what not, never saw yellow dotting for calcium pretty much straight to brown signs
  6. If the ph and inputs are right, you have to look at your watering practices in soil. If you have fungus gnats, you were keeping it too wet, and you'll see all sorts of deficiencies pop up. Another thing to watch for is pot size, if the body of soil is too small you'll also get some of the same problems with all comes down to root health and lack of O2. Hope u get it back on track. Best luck to you!
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  7. for sure, its my first run in years so im gettin the groove back and shit was just a first time in all the runs ive had


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