Please help! There dying in my Hydro!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by heald2010, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Guys I am DESPERATE, I need help bad. I have 2 plants in Hydro right now that I think are dying fast and I have no idea what to do. I grew these things from seeds and they were doing Great during Veg cycle, I mean I let these things run almost 8 weeks Veg. They looked great and became really BIG. Im using SENSI A & B Grow. Now heres where things get bad, now that im done with the VEG cycle I wanted to flower them (12/12), so I switched over to SENSI BLOOM A&B. and put the light in 12/12, And these things are looking awful! Just after a few days the leaves are turning all yellow, looking burned, falling off...I mean the plant looks so bad I just dont understand! I'm using the exact same amounts as the bottle says (4ml per liter during flower weeks 1-6). Before I switched over I was using 4ml per liter of VEG and it was doing good! But now like over night using the SAME amounts of BLOOM and switching light to 12/12 I get this?? Its like once I transitioned to the bloom nutes the plant couldnt take them! Now it looks like the plant doesn't want to eat cuz the DWC buckets all still full after a few days and these things used to finish off a bucket in 2 days almost! I need help with this transition to bloom before these things are DEAD!
  2. i've never even used hydro. i'm a soil guy. no pun intended. but already it seems clear that you've over nuted them. sounded alot like nute burn to me. get a lower ppm mix when you next feed them,and only once they've recovered. Perhaps trying flushing (or whatever the flushing equiv with hydro is) with pure ph balanced water.?
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, funny thing is I was using the recommended dose the bottle says... but do you think I should just flush with plain water? or half of what the bottle says?

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