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  1. hey guys ive recently been looking at subcools super soil and ive sorta confused with the 8 LG bags of base soil? is the LG bags the 1.5 cu ft bags? those are the biggest bags ive seen and all the fertilizers add up to like 43-44 pounds (new revised version) and if i get 8 1.5 cubic ft bags isnt that like 120 gallons? so would i not burn my plants if i use 120 gallons of base soil mixed with 43 pounds of fertilizers? or is that too much ferts for 120 gallons of base soil? thanks in advance!

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  2. i already know how to properly prepare and use super soil so plz dont tell me how to do it im just wondering if i have too little base soil?

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  3. Why not use the soil recommended here in the organic forum instead? It's far better IMHO.
  4. i already know how to properly prepare and use super soil so plz dont tell me how to do it
    But you asked?
  5. Please don't layer your soil!
  6. whats that mean? i know most things about super soil just never seen anyone say that?

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  7. it's about 90-100 gallons of soil, it is very hot that's why it's on the bottom layer. I've been diluting my SS with a strong homemade base soil. results are fantastic. People on this organic forum are not a fan of layering or spikes but I can not deny how well this method has worked for me with some adjustment to fit my own style.
    Of course you will burn your plants. Even Sub says not to plant directly into SS and thus the layering bit with the very hot SS on the bottom.
    SS is nothing more than the mix linked to, but much hotter. That's all, and 43# of amendments isn't all that much for 12cf mixed that hot.
    But why? (BTW, 8-1.5cf bags=12cf=90 gallons, not 120). That's still way more of a too hot soil than you need. Much easier to make a batch with semi-sane amounts of N-P-K and after that's mixed, take 2 or 3 or whatever CF you want and bump it up to SS levels?
    Pretty much what I do if I want something 'tailored'. I'll use ~2gallons of the tailored mix in the bottom of a 5 gal bucket and the rest my normal mix.
    Mostly though, I don't even bother. The normal mix works more than well enough all by itself.
  9. Why is his soil mix being labeled as "super"? 
    Serious question. 
  11. Not just his soil, New England has its own version.

    Mass Whole Super Soil.

    28/CF no thanks.

    I think I'm going to change my username to Hype ha.
  12. I wonder who's going to come out with the first super duper soil?
  13. subcool did not originate the name super soil, vic high did, and vic high created the original recipe over a decade ago. Subcool toyed with vic high's recipe and made it his own and kept the name supersoil. 

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