Please help! Seedlings looking weirrd.

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    HLG quantum board 260watt light about 19” away.
    DWC in 5 gallon buckets with 1/4 strength solution.
    Temps are around 77-80. 50-60% RH
    PH check twice per day at 5.0-6.0.
    They’re about a 1 1/2 weeks old and the roots have dropped from the net pot. Tips are turning yellow/white. And discolored all around.
    I am using distilled water. I do not have a ppm meter yet. They are still growing.
    Nute burn? Light too close? Nutrient deficiency?

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  2. They are chemdawg, GSC and 2 lemon skunk. As you can see, one lemon it just a smaller curled up mess of leaves. What the hell am I doing wrong here??

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  3. Hmm not sure but it must be your solution. Check out my thread. I just posted. My plants are 2 weeks old. I'm using miracle grow, the grow twice as big. I water once every 2 days. My temp is probably never getting over 77 and is more towards 73 and give them 20 hrs of light a day. Right now I'm trying to make them grow have ample water but still thirsty ya know. Anyway that is my advice as a side by side comparison. The biggest difference is your nutrients and nutrient feeding method side by side. Also, I found I had to move my plants around in the young stage to prevent them from sitting in one spot under my lights. I was surprised at how the heat was developing around the soil and the cup edges despite my lights not putting out that much heat. Anyway I hope some of this helps.
  4. Could it be that the clay balls are drawing a bit of moisture out of them?
    Also, I'm pretty sure even at 1/4 strength you're giving them food they don't really need yet...that could be it?
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  5. Thanks for the replies. I’ll change out res solution and replace with water and see how that goes. But definitely not light burn, correct? I hope not, as I have moved that thing up and dozen about a dozen times

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  6. I bet it is the supplemental nutrients. When they are larger they will not be so sensitive ya know
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  8. I know for a fact you have the light too close. I am using two of those hlg 260 xl kits. I had my lights dimmer all the way and 36 -40 in above during seedling. Even vegging they are 24 inch away and that still seems a hair close lol
  9. Aren’t these boards wicked ? But I’ll def take your advice and move it away some more. These LEDs are hard to figure out

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  10. Bro they make fucking bushes check out my first grow this was last week

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  11. Nice man! I wish mine looked like that. I still have to assemble the other one but probably won’t need it for a little while yet. Yea they were pricey but heard so many good things.

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  12. Definitely worth every penny. If you have any questions ever just shoot me a message. I will help ya out if i can

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