Please help recommend me a vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ertdertd, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Hello guys, I'm looking for a vaporizer. I have around $140 (USD) budget, but I don't really know which vaporizers are good nowadays. Therefore, any type of help or recommendation would be appreciated :)

    I'm looking for 2 things on this vaporizer:

    1. within my $140 (USD) budget as I have mentioned
    2. for it to be able to vape bud or grounded bud (not looking for the wax type of vape)

    Thank you in advance everyone :)

    Have a nice day and keep toking high to where you feel is right :)
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  2. imagesCARFKI8J.jpg

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  3. sumbitch fits onna bong too!
  4. For that price you need to go desktop. Any portable that's worth it (pax 2, crafty, mighty) blow your budget. The arizers are amazing. That Buddha thing someone mentioned looks like garbage but I keep hearing great things about it. Volcano is old tech overpriced. Arizer extreme Q or da buddha.

    Edit - Da buddha is fucking nice actually im thinking of another one. Sorry.
  5. Arizer air, only 10-20 more
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  6. Thank you everyone, seems like this is a battle between da buddha and arizer extreme q :)
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  7. Personally I'd get the buddha. The Q is a Jack of all trades master of none type of vaporizer, kind of like the HA. The buddha will be comparatively conservative with your herbs, but you will get monster rips out of it with little fuss. If you're looking to try a couple different styles of vaporizing in one unit I'd scoop up either the HA or the Q then. The HA will be better at bags while the q will be better with the whip. My .02
  8. If you are in the USA you can buy an Arizer Solo for $160 Canadian which comes out to about $120 USA..

    Solo was my first vape 3 years ago and is still the vape I use most (I currently have a Solo, Air, Extreme Q and Ascent and Solo gets most of the use). I did have to change the battery about a year ago, but the battery death was due to overcharging.
  9. Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Made by the same company as the Buddah 7th floor Vaporizers. It's kicked the ass of everyone who's ever tried it!
  10. Also 7th floor has cosmeticly damaged ones for $100-$150 off for a minor scuff! Def the route I would recommend. You can even get them for $100 on holiday sales
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  11. I ahve da buddha. I couldnt get high from it sometimes but i did last time. Dont use it much. I guess i jusg have to practice with it

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  12. Hey I posted earlier in the thread but that was a while ago. Honestly I've been using this Arizer Solo for about a month and a half and I find myself not even wanting to smoke. The vape just hits so much harder! [​IMG]

    Platinumkidd Coco LED/ CFL Grow
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  13. I use the eLeaf iStick 40w TC/VW battery (temperature controlled for Ni coils, I don't use them) and variable wattage for everything else, with The Kiln by Atmos on top. The battery is crazy good, I charge like once a week. I use my oil rig more than anything though but it lasts for days even when I'm using it pretty regularly.

    The Kiln is the best concentrate vaporizer I've tried so far. It has a ceramic donut coil and heats up lovely and fires at about .83 Ohm. The whole build is ceramic so all that delicious reclaim is super easy to scrape, it stays cool, and doesn't have any added taste other than whatever you're smoking on.

    I also have a really cheap (like 9-10 bucks) dry herb atomizer that works great I find for unpressed kief and rips good for bud too but you'll be replacing it in a couple weeks depending on how often you use it and it's more of a one-hitter.
    The Eleaf 40w battery I found on amazon for around 30-35 bucks, honestly though I think the 30w would be plenty strong, I never go above like 12w with either of my attys but the 40w and above are newer and nicer versions. And The Kiln is 30-40 dollars depending where you get it and if you want to pay for the atmos logo on the side. (the knockoff is the exact same thing, except someone in a shop told me that the black is painted on so I got white)

    All in all could've spent only 60 bucks on this excellent setup if i hadn't gone through over a hundred trying out other bullshit.

    PS I don't push that dry herb atty over 11 watts and I pushed the first Kiln up to 22w trying to get bigger and better rips, and fried it. Honestly it burns great at about 12.9-13.1 It just hits so right when you do it low and slow.
  14. I highly reccomend the Pax. I bought mine (a first generation) refurbished off of ebay for 119$. I also have the Arizer Solo, but I prefer the Pax since it is so much more transportable, and looks so damn good.

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